Jolting Photos of Young Performer

Image courtesy of Fashion PULIS reader

Young performer YP has been around for some time, but unfortunately, he has yet to prove himself as far as career achievements are concerned. When he was launched, there were big expectations that YP would make the cut. And why not? YP could sing, act, and dance – the works. He had a unique style, and even a signature hairstyle. He had a home network, and a loveteam that had loyal followers. However, as the years passed, YP gained considerable weight, altered his hairstyle, and the other half of his loveteam moved on to try other projects and onscreen partners. 

What went wrong? Apart from attitude and talent, success in showbiz rests largely on the skills and maneuvering of one’s talent manager. A good manager knows how to package and sell his talent, has a real grasp of the competition and has a good relationship with the “buyers” of his talent/s i.e casting directors, producers, directors, etc. A nobody can make a big turnaround in no time through a clever strategizing by its manager. 
The discoverer-manager (TD) of YP has taken it upon himself to be too protective of YP. Although TD is already an institution in the industry, everyone knows that his management style leaves a lot to be desired.
TD can be didactic, and it was obvious that YP must have been brainwashed by the “wisdom” of TD. How would TD react when he sees that his beloved YP has these photos doing the rounds online? Although these photos might not be as “scandalous,” they do show TD in a very suggestive pose sharing a bed with a non-showbiz female. 
“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude. ” ~ Oprah Winfrey

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Jolting Photos of Young Performer


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