Friends with Benefits – Senior Edition

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Woman Advocate WA  and Public Servant PS have met and known each other on the strength of their common advocacy.

Both are multi-awarded public figures in their respective fields.

PS is a passionate mover and inspire people that made a big difference in his region. WA on the other hand is a no-nonsense achiever and influencer. Both have become a force to reckon with.

Their work and advocacy campaigns have taken them on many travels together, alongside addressing major issues and struggles that go along with it. Consequently, both WA and PS have developed a certain degree of closeness and have become strong political allies as well. Some have even labelled them as Godfather and Godmother, respectively.

Inspite of their public welfare causes, WA and PS were not spared from public criticisms for their stand on major controversial issues. Amid all of these, WA and PS remained strong acting as one. More than anything, their relationship has gone a notch higher – if you know how to read between the lines.

That being said, all work and no fun makes anyone dull – and WA and PS have been mixing work and fun since then.

WA may appear as strict and straightforward to her subordinates but those privy to her know only too well that she has a naughty side, too. She was once rumored to be taking care of a “shrimpy” hunk SH of a minion, wonder if they are still together now. According to the grapevine, just as WA is intense with her work, she is as intense when she falls in love – likes everything sexy and fun – abhors anything dry and  boring.

Is this why WA finds PS irresistible, who despite his age is so alive and kicking and always at the peak of performance? Just how deep is their affection for each other? Apart from all the support WA had extended to PS, she reportedly donated a cool P60M moolah to his recent campaign – how cool is that?

“Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.”

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Friends with Benefits – Senior Edition


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