An Actor’s Act

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While everyone is wondering if the lead actors in a major network MM will transfer to another network, underachieving performer UP is slowly easing his way out of MM. 

Ever since UP was discovered in a talent search, MM gave him the breaks to showcase his talents. Fans and followers kind of expected much from UP since he was the best performer in his batch. His projects were big and highly publicized. Unfortunately, UP could hardly deliver in the acting department, and his shows barely made it in the ratings. Thus, he was relegated to play supporting roles that often called for him to show off what others call the only thing he got – his perfectly-cut muscles. 
As years passed, UP’s career seemed nowhere.  
Now rumors are rife that UP has allegedly left the talent management arm of MM, and is now into a new business manager BM. Controversial BM has been in the industry for decades as a talent, although not everyone knows that BM can manage talents as well. The thing is, BM is a major mover in the rival network RN. Thus talks are wild that BM is working on the transfer of UP to RN. Will BM and RN do wonders for UP’s hohum career? Will RN’s magic  be able to bring out the best in UP where MM miserably failed?
Incidentally, other than being involved in a rumor some months back, both UP and BM share something in common: cars.  
But knowing where BM is coming from, will they be sharing something more in the future? If at all, will UP’s girl be able to take it? 
Everybody starts at the top, and then has the problem of staying there. Lasting accomplishment, however, is still achieved through a long, slow climb and self-discipline. – Helen Hayes 

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An Actor’s Act


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