Peeking at Love in Disguise

It is sometimes baffling how some people are led to do the things they do, most especially if it is out of their character. Bigshot Director BD is well-known for being a loving husband, a visionary director– a perfectionist in his craft. His is the image that fits the cookie-cutter of a successful person in the industry perfectly. But as they say, everyone has two sides, one good and one — well, one that leaves much to be desired.

We can say the same thing for Stunning Actor SA. Most people, especially the ladies (including the ladies at heart), are drawn to him for his irresistible charm, the surprising humility on and off screen, same for his undeniable talent, having won multiple awards and gaining a huge following in the course of his career as a thespian.

Now, you may ask, “What did these fascinating men, who seemingly have no immoral fiber in their system, do?”

Well, Unfortunately, BD’s wife has had suspicions of his husband’s infidelity towards her, as such that she has now started to secretly follow him around to figure out for herself what really is, going on. One fateful day of tailing her husband in and around the set, she saw SA enter the OB van her husband was taking his break in. A few minutes later, she followed him, and upon entering the van, saw with her own eyes the intimacy that BD and SA shared that’s usually reserved for lovers. She fled the scene, absolutely horrified of what she had just witnessed.

Here we are left to speculate as to what kind of star BD really is in search for. But we hope that, someday he makes up his mind so as not to break anyone’s heart, for all parties to come out in the end as the real winner.

“Being different is a gift you are born with. Don’t misuse it by trying to fit in.” ~ Unknown

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Peeking at Love in Disguise

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