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It has been said and proven that we will get hurt the most by the person/s who was/were once closest to us. We shared so much for so long with these people, thus, intentionally or not, they have the power to crash our spirits in a big way.

This is precisely what’s happening between two former professional partners: pretty celebrity PC and her mentor HM. For many years, the two were inseparables, treating each other as more than family. Each was each other’s defender against any bad intruder in their lives.They have shared so many things together, including private secrets.

But as everyone knows, too much of everything is poison, and that ,”too much familiarity breeds contempt.” Indeed.

Soon PC felt that HM was not doing enough to advance her career. She began complaining to HM that she needed to become productive, and not stay stagnant like it was. PC also questioned HM why he had to set many limitations on her, including joining the colorful world of media networking where many celebrities were into.

PC believes that social media is a powerful tool for everyone, most especially for celebrities like her. On the other hand, HM had a very valid point why he felt such antipathy towards social media for PC. He believed that PC’s personality was not cut out for it.

On top of that, both HM and PC couldn’t seem to agree on many issues, big and small. With so many disagreements and negativity between them, and after carefully weighting out things, PC made the big decision to sever ties with HM.

And now that they had finally and officially cut ties with each other, PC decided to make another major decision. She ordered and made a stern warning to her new staff NS that no one among them should communicate in any way with HM and all his friends.

Apparently PC walks the talk. At a showbiz event one day, PC with NS were walking and would definitely meet halfway with HM and friends. Yes, you’re right, it was a collective snub that the surprised HM and friends got from PC and her group.

Is PC’s reaction coming from someone who has so much axe to grind against HM. Will she not be burned at the end by her decision to burn bridges this early?

“ You only have so much room in your life save it for people who deserve it. Chances are if someone’s in the past, they deserve to stay there. “ ~ unknown

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More Spring Cleaning


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