Some Pleasant Massage

The physical and mental demands of showbusiness are not for everyone; the long hours of waiting, memorization of script, getting into character, not to mention the technicalities while taping, one couldn’t possibly handle all of that for long periods of time without taking a break. 
Pretty Boy PB is a highly visible face on television, the big screen, as well as in billboards in the metro. Armed with grace and undeniable good-looks, we can only imagine how he stays blooming inspite of his schedule. 
AA is someone similar to PB, except that he has more depth as an actor. Both of them are staple faces in every form of media, and for that, the audiences remain positively enchanted. What then, is the secret of both these  good-looking actors, who inspite of being sleep-deprived, still manage to appear astonishingly blooming?
Apparently, the secret is a good massage. Some celebrities have them on the set during taping breaks, others prefer going to the massage salon themselves for maximum relaxation. Still others want the privacy of a home service – and AA and PB are very much into it.
But a good massage doesn’t seem satisfactory enough for these gentlemen, they also require extra service during these house calls – if you catch my drift. Both are reportedly clients of two attractive male masseurs who regularly visit and service them in their respective homes. Uh oh – there goes the secret. 
“Do you want to see or feel the muscle more when your head keeps looking down?” ~ Ryan Hoyme

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Some Pleasant Massage


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