Can’t Kill The Pain

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Acting is the ability to live truthfully under imaginary circumstances. For any actor to accomplish this, there are some methods used.

In acting workshop, it is called Sense Memory. It is one of the tools of an actor, an acting technique used  to experience an “emotional recall.”

The conventional use of sense memory helps actors create physical conditions — for example, the feeling of  being slapped, a bad toothache, or a broken arm. It is a method that enables actors to use their emotional release objects on demand. The actor revisits an episode — the ticking of a clock, a hair-pulling incident – and on the spot begins to sob, laugh, or even shake with fear. It’s a powerful emotional acting tool when mastered.

On the set of a new teleserye, privileged star PS who was once romantically linked to a dramatic actor DA was going to act out a scene that required for very intense anger.  Before her scene, she called her assistant  to get her handbag and PS took out something from there.

While internalizing and doing sense memory, PS was seen holding and looking fiercely  at a photo of DA. Those who saw her knew in an instant what the photo meant to her at that point.

While DA is happily going through life enjoying his many blessings, PS’ pain and trauma from that relationship hasn’t really left her one bit. But if only for the consolation, at least, she gets to use DA’s photo as a tool.

“Life’s like a play; it’s not the length but the excellence of the acting that matters. “  ~ Seneca

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Can’t Kill The Pain


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