Just Another Gig

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Most showbiz people believe that Liberated Actress LA’s attitude had brought her to the  stardom that she now immensely enjoys. Even during her puberty stage, LA was not known to conform. She was always breaking the rules, doing whatever she wanted, to hell what people would say with her scandalous public behavior. She always thought she could get away with it.

While other older stars would cringe at certain misbehaviors, LA found them cool and fun – such that every time she was found to be misbehaving or doing things unacceptable, LA just shrugged them off. To her credit, she has that charm that appeals to the  public, the masses, the fans.  She also uses her charm to cover up her shortcomings.

It is public knowledge how unstoppable LA is –  there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for the money and stardom. Actually, at her age now, she doesn’t have to “work” as hard as enough to get by. But no, being complacent is not  her cup of tea. Hear this:

According to the grapevine, LA’s latest hookup is a network executive NE. Allegedly, LA visits NE in his condominium unit whenever NE needs her. LA obliges everytime – but on her own terms – NE has to cough up a few hundred thousand for her services.

“Whether we fall by ambition, blood, or lust, like diamonds we are cut with our own dust.” ~ John Webster

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Just Another Gig


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