A Raging Horse’s Stable

Brother celebrities BC1 and BC2 were the toast of the town when they came to the country and joined the fashion industry. Being extremely attractive helped them clinched some modeling projects which were quite attractive for newbies like them.

Apart from modeling, BC1 and BC2 are also into sports. Being busier now and having accumulated more stuff in the process, the brothers felt the need to transfer to a bigger and more spacious dwelling.

Not long after and without any warning at all, BC1 was caught by surprise when BC2′s model-girlfriend GF later decided to join in and live with them. Needless to say, it became a semi-live in arrangement between BC2 and GF.

Not wanting to antagonize BC2, BC1 accepted the set-up and discomfort of having somebody else live with them. It was alright in the beginning, but as days went by, GF began acting like a diva. Bereft of etiquette and a sense of consideration, GF hardly helps in the house chores and just watches the brothers do everything – even womanly chores at that.

GF often calls the shots which BC2 tolerates – to BC1′s disgust. The animosity among them strained the once solid bond between BC1 and BC2 – all because of GF’s presence in their lives.

Days passed, GF was becoming a nightmare. When BC1′s girlfriend BG came a visiting one day, GF was so furious when she arrived seeing BG’s car parked in her slot. Short of giving BG and BC1 a mouthful, GF made them feel her wrath by rudely stomping her big feet and making face as she entered the house.

Not content with that, revengeful GF padlocked the door one night when BC1 went out with friends. BC1 came home furious, unable to enter the house and decided to spend the night at a friend’s house instead.

GF has succeeded in brainwashing BC2 to her side everytime, to the extent that the brothers no longer talk to each other even during practices. This has certainly alarmed their family, who with the brothers’ well-meaning friends are concerned and want BC1 and BC2 to settle their dispute immediately. But how can they, when allegedly it is GF who is getting in the way.

Blood is thicker than water – so they say – but not when the water gives the horse so much strength to give anyone she hates a big kick. Horsepower, anyone?

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A Raging Horse’s Stable


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