You Came to Mend Us

At anytime, an impeccable public image as a family is what we all strive for.

On the surface, it appears that flickering star FS has achieved all that and more. As a mother with a prudent husband PH and beautiful, talented children, FS’ family has never been bereft of love and blessings. Even though FS’ career has long since reached its peak, she has her family to protect and love her. But all families do have their own secrets. And all secrets become deep and dark.

It wasn’t too long ago that FS has introduced their child TC to the public. However, there have been numerous reports that TC is allegedly PH’s child.

From the very beginning, rumors were wild about the real circumstances surrounding TC, yet FS allegedly keeps denying the truth.

Between her and PH, it is FS who keeps talking about TC but has never directly addressed talks about TC’s background. On the other hand, some close relatives may not be as secretive.

Here’s the catch: Within the community where this family resides, a neighbor NE turns out to be a friend of FS’ in-law. The reliable in-law IL who is not exactly in good terms with FS allegedly spilled the beans to NE — that indeed, the child is PH’s own by a paramour.

Now, we can only imagine what circumstances has brought FS to take the kid. Whatever it is, it is obviously something they don’t want to bring into the limelight.

“There are no secrets that time does not reveal.” ~ Jean Racine 

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You Came to Mend Us


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