Between You and Me

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Amongst the slew of talented, beauteous singers of today, Young Balladeer YB is a definite stand-out. Coming from humble beginnings in a province down south, YB, with much determination and technique, has found his way into being a mainstream success not only in belting tunes but also in guest television spots and a handful of films. 
On the other hand, Hunky Actor HA, equipped with the goods and talent, inched his way slowly in the spotlight as a valuable addition to Philippine independent cinema. Although there have always been rumours on HA’s sexuality, he has neither denied nor confirmed anything. Still, that doesn’t prevent women and the inherently effeminate to be attracted to him. His is a personality that is full of silent mystery, yet his charming smile makes his own person interesting. 
There is some speculation that YB and HA have been seeing each other for quite a while. They had known each other for a long time, but it was only lately when sparks flew and since then, HA and YB have been inseparable. Although HA is constantly being linked to the creme de la creme of matinee idols in the industry, in reality, it is YB who is the grand champion in his heart. 
Uh oh..where does their fellow actor FA friend stand in this situation? Is a threesome in the offing?
“Love doesn’t hurt, people do, why restrain yourself because of someone else?” ~ Desmond Fouche

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Between You and Me


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