Ecstatic with the Sizable Catch

A hunky and handsome male model HM recently made a declaration. His expose allegedly did not impact as he expected. Many didn’t care, as he comes off as too hungry for fame.

From the beginning, HM magnified himself via all forms of social media – for better mileage, as everyone knows. For fast recall, he has also cashed in on his good looks which is a spitting image of an in-demand lead actor LA.

HM is undeniably handsome and not too few gays and girls fantasized about him. Until his revelation that nailed what has long been speculated about him.

Months after that, HM is now rumored to be “buddies” with a young, talented actor TA who is similarly gendered, but believed to be closeted. HM feels so privileged and tickled pink to have someone like TA who is a big star. Surely, in his mind, this will work well for him which is exactly as he planned.

This early, HM goes out bragging to some friends about his “friendship” with TA. Along with that, he does a “kiss and tell,” too, which is becoming habitually fashionable these days. HM goes telling friends or anyone willing to listen just how euphoric he is everytime he is with TA, complete with all those sordid bedroom details.

Poor TA, he is probably caught unawares of HM’s shenanigans. Truly, HM’s pathetic mind mind bubbles with plans and schemes.

“Fame and tranquility can never be bedfellows. ” ~ Michel de Montaigne

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Ecstatic with the Sizable Catch


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