More Serious Acting, Please

What becomes of actors who give less than what is expected of them and seem not to hone their skills further? Well, as far as I have observed they either sell-out or exit the klieg lights in a most ungraceful manner.

Hopefully, charming actor CA will not meet this unfortunate end. As one of the freshest faces– he’s only a couple of years shy of celebrating his 1st decade in the business, it would be a shame to watch him leave so soon, especially after the slew of inopportune incidents while taping for his new soap-opera.

CA was never really acclaimed as an actor, but with his dashing looks and mass-appeal, he seems to get by. But apparently, banking on one’s visual appeal won’t be enough to survive the ever-competitive world of primetime soaps. Clearly, it requires intense skill to keep up with the demands of the staff, the crew and creative heads.

For quite sometime now, CA has been experiencing constant verbal tirades from the director on the set for his consistent lousy performances. That’s a constant struggle that CA has been enduring – apart from snide remarks from irate star IS, who is playing opposite him.

IS complained a lot about CA’s acting all the time. What’s strange is that IS has recently been interviewed about working with CA, to whom she sang high praises for. Such hypocrisy!

People will do anything for good publicity, it appears.

Nobody wants to see a falling star. If CA wants to stay in this industry, he must step it up and deliver, against all odds.

I can be in 20 movies. But I’ll never be an actor. ~  Jon Stewart 

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More Serious Acting, Please


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