Poll: Team Charice vs Team Mommy Raquel

Image courtesy of http://www.charicemania.com

Source: GMANewsTV

“Why does she have to apologize to us when she knows that we already knew that she’s a lesbian a long time ago?”

Speaking in tagalog, that was the statement made by Charice Pempengco’s mother, Raquel at a press conference shown on tv earlier today. The statement was in answer to her daughter, Charice’s tv interview a week ago.

Raquel further added that she and her son, Carl understand Charice’s situation, and she never took it against her daughter — as she herself was once a lesbian before she got married and gave birth to Charice. The only difference is that she made a choice to start a family of her own over satisfying and giving in to her sexual preference.

Raquel’s brave statement above on her lesbianism shocked those who were present in the presscon and the audience watching on tv.

From the interview, it was obvious that Raquel was hurting by the turn of events that had hounded them as a family for so long since speculations came out about her daughter Charice’s being a lesbian.

She said that she can take her daughter for what she is, but one thing that she can never accept is Charice’s getting into a relationship with an Allysa Quijano – her daughter’s alleged live-in partner.

Poll: Team Charice vs Team Mommy Raquel


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