Madly Colorful

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Controversial actress CA has seen the highs and lows of her status in showbiz. Yet, despite the most vicious of controversies and scandals thrown her way – her colorful and controversial love life, notwithstanding – CA has remained to be an icon of Philippine show business.

CA’s intriguing personality helped her in a way that people still get drawn to her. She may have been in and out – in long or short hiatus – yet her mark in the industry continues to be respected and acknowledged. Apart from her unquestionable talent, one of her aces is perhaps her beauty.

To her credit, in spite of her strong personality, CA’s enduring beauty never ceases to attract men. It is a given that despite her age, she had never succumbed to the tempting call of major beauty enhancements. To this day, she can proudly say that hers is still a ‘natural’ beauty – hardly seen in most celebrities of late. This could have been one of the reasons why the likes of deep actor DA is smitten by her.

Earlier on, it was reported that DA pursued her relentlessly. CA became the envy of many – who can refuse someone like DA? Yet CA was non-committal. Despite DA’s many visits to her, meeting secretly at a common friend’s house – still CA could not be moved.

People privy to her surmised it was pretty actor PA who occupied that solid space in CA’s heart. However, there has been a different turn lately. Reportedly, DA’s efforts have not gone to waste – CA is now softening up on DA – bit by bit. There are rumors and sightings of the two together getting more frequent by the day.

It is not hard to understand why DA has fallen for CA, and vice versa. Both have many things in common: maturity, professionalism, thespians. Surely the age factor is no match. Get the drift?

“We reach across the gap and against all odds, against all logic, we touch.”

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Madly Colorful


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