Keep Connecting the Dots

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Actress model AM and actor singer AS had only the best words for each during their brief affair together. When they separated, no details were known regarding the cause of the break-up. There were alleged talks that the cause of the split was so sensitive – the underlying reason why everything was kept from the public.

Now it appears that the bottom has been finally brought out of the surface. It was alleged that while in the relationship, AM contracted STD – obviously courtesy of boyfriend AS. Alarmed, AM confronted, harsh words were exchanged, ergo the affair ended.

Fearing for a possible scandal, AM’s parents sent her abroad for treatment asap. Meanwhile, AS told his manager HM about the cause of his break-up with AM. HM was shocked and he, too, immediately brought his ward abroad to avoid malicious publicity. HM was so scared even he got himself treated.  

When the dust has settled, HM was so mad like a headless chicken trying to figure out where AS could have gotten the disease. He tried hard recalling events, recounting those girls who have had flings with AS – who came ahead of whom, who was with whom at that time they were with AS, etc.

Finally, HM zeroed in on a possible suspect: a promiscuous actress PA, who was persistently running after AS. It would be recalled that it was this PA who followed AS to a provincial event but her plan was thwarted right then by the alert HM. Apart from fantasizing about AS, the very unstoppable PA also plays around with other men – among them an equally sexually active hunky actor HA who is everybody’s IT guy.

With all the characters involved in this maze, how will HM be able to pinpoint the culprit?! Indeed! What an insane puzzle to piece together!

Meanwhile, relentless AM is quietly seeing handsome television actor TA, whose loneliness AM is trying to heal while TA’s real girlfriend is so far away. Do we hear another STD story soon?

For AM: You don’t jump into the pool without getting wet, do you?

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Keep Connecting the Dots


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