His Money-Making Moves

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Has “booking” now become an answer to desperate times calling for desperate measures? From the looks of it, what was once unheard of has now become acceptable – a lucrative option – an underground economy?

Seems like every adventurous and attractive Tom, Dick and Harry who want a fast buck and quick fixes know only one way to deal with them – booking! Gays who are the other half of this transaction are only too glad to offer the much-needed solution. Keep in mind that gays keep multiplying every minute – and so are rich gays.

The rise of the purchasing power of the gay community can be seen all over. Yes! Pink money is undeniably the new economic mover. Gay people are well-off – and powerful.

Many years ago, one of the earliest practitioners and beneficiaries of this deal is non-conventional and brusque actor BA. Having grown poor in a rough community has given this very appealing actor the enterprising character that taught him the tools of survival. He was savvy and street-smart.

BA’s successful sexy films paved the way for his big demand in movies – including indecent proposals from gays and matrons alike. Inspite of his sizable earnings in movies, he still accepted these proposals aka booking – if the price was right. At that time, BA was the talk of the town in the trade as he commanded huge fees from the very moneyed and powerful businessmen ..errr gays in the country.

More than a decade ago, BA was in semi-hiatus from showbiz. He concentrated on his businesses while he engaged in an exclusive relationship with a business tycoon BT for years which helped maintained his lifestyle and his expensive collection – imported cars. They had since parted ways.

He has gotten back to showbiz and was exclusively contracted by a network. However, projects have been coming in slow and few, making it difficult for him to support himself and his growing family.

The urgency of BA’s concern is real. He is undeniably in desperate mode these days. Very recently, BA has made a call in the trade community that he is very available and looking – not for bookers – but serious relationship with generous benefactors.

“When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ― Abraham Lincoln

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His Money-Making Moves


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