She’s No Do-Gooder

Are celebrities expected to lift a hand for a fan who is in dire need of it? Are fans supposed to expect help from their idols when the urgency of the problem proves to be threatening?

This maybe answered depending on one’s culture and tradition. But the truth is: Fans evolve, and so do celebrities. Fans of today are quite a mile away from those of decades ago.

Similarly, fans are generally passionate about everything that concerns their idol. These are the people who will defend their idol to death – at all cost – hook, line and sinker. Observers  no longer call it admiration – but obsession – fanaticism – ready to face and prove to anyone that their idol can do no wrong.

Stars and celebrities treat their fans in various ways. Some treat them as such – fans – with a dividing line careful not to go overboard to protect the their privacy. There are also stars who treat them as family, a part of their entourage wherever they go because trust is so well-placed.

Today’s fans are very demonstrative, unbelievably generous – spending bottomless to buy their idol anything to make their star happy and remember them (the fans) more. For all the names that they are called – fanatics, devotees – there’s no denying that fans are the most invaluable allies any celebrity can ever have.

But what if such fans are the ones needing help? Should celebrities help? Are they expected to?

Major celebrity MC has a fans club whose active member AM was stricken ill and had incurred huge hospital bills in her confinement.  AM had extreme financial difficulty, thus her fellow members FM tried hard to raise funds for her. Unfortunately, the funds were so short to cover up the problem.

The problem was urgent and serious, and they had no more option left but to ask help from MC. Although very shy to approach MC, FM did it in the hope that it would in a way help alleviate the problem. After all, AM is known to MC since she and FM are a constant presence in all of MC’s major events and activities.

Upon being informed of the situation, MC allegedly approached and convinced a close relative CR that they should help AM. However, CR put her foot down – she was not convinced with the idea and told MC that it would only set a precedent for other fans to do the same – to ask them for help everytime. But MC argued with CR, saying that the fan is a valued one, and she had every right to help anyone she wishes – it’s her money anyway. But as expected – CR, true to form – was unmoved.

Hardworking MC lost to dependent  CR for the nth time – what else is news?

“ My fans, they are the reason I exist.” ~  Katy Perry

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She’s No Do-Gooder


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