The Jeweled Package

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ELECTION season is one of the most-anticipated events by celebrities as it gives them a lot of earning potentials, mostly via candidate endorsements. While others do it conscientiously (endorsing only candidates whom they believe in), most do it for the huge monetary consideration.

The figures are really very tempting to begin with. Nowhere are celebrities paid that much for a given period lasting a few months. So huge are the payoffs that those contracted are able to build a dream house, a car after only a few months of work.

Sexy Star SS is one of those who made a killing in the last campaign season. She was  in-demand, her services were sought out by politicos to add some oomph to their boring speeches and faces.

SS although not really talented made up for the visual treat that she provided on stage and on camera for those oogling eyes to feast on. Everybody knows how visual are the mass electorate that comprise a big percentage of the voting population.

After the elections, SS was only too overwhelmed with the added zeroes to her bank account. It was indeed the best time she ever had – less work, more fun, more cash.

But did you know that there’s talk going around that SS pushed her luck a little further? Reportedly, a very bitter national candidate NC who spent millions upon millions in his campaign lost overwhelmingly and was so depressed and inconsolable for a long time. His consultant-politico CP got seriously bothered with NC’s condition and he wanted to appease him. Needless to say, he wanted to gift NC with “something.”

CP thought of SS whom he contacted – and was he surprised that SS said yes right away? The next day – SS the gift – pretty and ribboned – was delivered to NC’s doorstep.

Yes it is, the gift did work wonders on NC.

“It feels so wrong, it feels so right, because of you I am out for blood tonight.”

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The Jeweled Package


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