Dealing with a Concubine

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Networking as defined by the dictionary is the cultivation of productive relationships, a supportive system of sharing information and services  among individuals and groups having a common interest. It is generally a way to do things to help people manage successfully.

But there are those who want a quick fix, like going straight to the powers that be where they know that they can get away with murder (being talentless, unqualified, among others). These people believe and subscribe to the adage:

“It is not what you know, but who you know.”

The oft-repeated saying has become the mantra of those who are usually bereft of qualification but who want a faster transaction done for their benefit using well-connected relations as go-between. The bottomline of these negotiations are favors  exchanged between parties.

Rightly or wrongly, it is undoubtedly a built-in advantage, especially in a very  competitive world of showbiz. It has worked many times, as seen from those who have “availed” of it.

After sometime, handsome hunk HH has gotten back to being active on television again, particularly in his home network HN. But the terms of his comeback was not without the execution of the “necessary evil” so common in the industry.

Earlier, the 90’s star’s last projects were big disappointments causing him a dearth of projects for quite a time.It was during those times where he thought of transferring networks, but the better of him prevailed knowing that leaving his HN would be like suicide. Yet his HN was keeping him at bay for the longest time. It was then that HH knew he had to strategize.

HH knew that at one time, married network boss NB had a crush on him, but HH set her aside because he had a relationship then. Now that he’s very much available – and in desperate need – he decided to refuel NB’s burning desire of him once again. Your guess is right – the very vulnerable NB gave in. Wonder no more why both NB and HH look so blooming nowadays –especially before the cameras in their respective programs.

“The more I had to act like a saint, the more I felt like being a sinner.” ~ Max von Sydow

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Dealing with a Concubine


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