Not Jointly Enamored with His Charm

Confused star CS and robust actor RA are being hyped up by network to be the next big team to beat.

Trying to veer away from the typical to gamble on something fresh, a new loveteam is being cooked and hyped up by a tv network TN. The team looks really promising, with big potential to make “kilig.” Both are young and with good chemistry.

The girl, confused star CS is fresh yet can be versatile-looking on camera, with hot and talented actor RA giving a good combination. While CS had been paired with a popular actor PA in their successful project months ago, TN wants to test and mix their talents along to see which the public will bite the most.

The rumored ex-couple – CS and RA – both welcome their onscreen team up, even though their rumored romance did not have a good closure. RA reportedly failed to build on their special relationship due to professional and personal conflicts. It is close to saying that it was only CS who made the effort to make it work – thus kaput.

Amid all the mix-matching, a little problem lies with CS’s elder CE who doesn’t want her to be teamed up with RA. CE is so biased with PA who she wishes to be CS’ partner for good. CS was said to be blown away by PA’s treatment of her during and even after doing a project before. They were so close that PA went the extra mile of courting CE too, to win her over – and how? PA allegedly spoiled the overwhelmed CE in so many ways while rolling the carpet for CS who he treated like a princess.

To CE’s understanding, PA is the man for CS – no more, no less.

But TN insiders say that CE is not the network so she better shut up and stop meddling at all.

“It takes a huge effort to free yourself from memory” ~ Paulo Coelho

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Not Jointly Enamored with His Charm


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