No More Jeering About the Birds and the Bees

Controversial Teen CT has gotten involved in issues that are way too “adult” for someone her age. Not too long ago, she got embroiled in a major scandal that almost ruined her person and wiped out her career. Some say that CT’s personality and ways are too matured for her age, making her a target of malicious talks – both real and imagined. For someone like her, CT’s adult choices certainly do her more harm than good.

CT must have been so enamored with seductive actor SA when they were doing a project together, such that even after the show’s conclusion, they continued to get in touch and update each other – eating out and dating. Until the attraction became uncontrollable – that one day, ‘something intense’ happened. CT’s adventurism caught her off-guard, never realizing that the “act” would rip and pain her a lot. Insiders had a field day exchanging notes that the act confirms SA’s rumored “giftedness,” while alluding to CT’s much-older ex as tiny.

Anyway, the unstoppable CT is at it again – now reportedly contemplating a serious relationship with a cute tv actor TA. The feelings between the two are mutual, but as opposed to CT’s daring and bold moves, the guy TA is mature enough to prioritize career over love matters. But some friends cautioned him though that he better be on-guard all the time to watch out for CT’s advances. One thing may lead to another and he’ll never know.

When that happens, where does that leave TA’s big-hearted benefactor BB? Can BB afford to lose CT? Not when he’s clowning around.

“Growing up means, being cautious of repeating yesterday’s mistakes today.”

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No More Jeering About the Birds and the Bees


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