Justice Must Be Granted

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Just as things were getting serious only a few months ago between a hot couple, sexy star SS and hot hunk HH, came the revelation that the two have already called it quits.

The beautiful couple who were once sweet together had a very promising start having just come from broken relationships. The affair developed on the set of a project they did together, and even spent a lot of time with each other even after the show ended. Yet amidst all that, both never officially admitted that they were ever a couple.

But now, the writings are on the wall – reports of their alleged break-up are all over.

HH is is now being linked to a popular actress PA – the alleged reason why they broke up. Malicious tonques point to PA, as she was often seen with HH being sweet prior to HH and SS break-up. PA and HH have worked together in some projects in the past, including movies.

But did PA really cause it?

Recent talks have it alleging that HH’s courting of SS was just a set-up – a sort of vendetta. SS split with an ex EX prior to her rumored affair with HH has caused EX to almost commit suicide from depression. HH and EX have common friends CF who were very close and sympathetic to EX. CF’s could not take EX’s plight sitting down and vowed to take up the cudgels for him.

CF’s reportedly devised a plot against SS for dumping EX so bad that they felt she, too, deserved to have it. CF’s met up with HH to talk and convinced him to help them as it would mean justice for their dear friend EX. The plan meant HH would court and charm SS until she would eventually fall for him. And just as SS would have gone madly in love, HH would abandon and drop her like a dirty, old rug. Yes, very much like what she did to EX.

And the way thing have turned out of late, justice was indeed served.

“Justice is sweet and musical; but injustice is harsh and discordant.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

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Justice Must Be Granted


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