The Actress Who Could Not Cry Wolf

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Sometime ago, an uploaded photograph of troubled actress TA created a stir among netizens. Commenters said TA was just seeking attention as her last controversy had already faded away. Complementing this notion was the reaction that her look was just the result of make-up. Immediately, the photograph was taken off the site. 
In relation to this, there’s a story from a source alleging that TA’s ex-significant other EO had been going to their house to make TA sign papers that would grant EO ownership of a property. However, the said property was obtained by TA when she was still single. Previously, on many occasions, TA and EO have been fighting frequently for the custody of their children. TA’s older authority OA2 know of EO’s physical abuses towards TA but they try very hard to keep it from another elder OA1 for a reason. 
Allegedly, in the heat of that argument, EO became physical. As TA was moving away from him, EO grabbed her hair, which caused TA to lose her balance causing her face to land on the corner of a coffee table hitting her cheek. Instead of being sympathetic, EO said that even if TA granted interviews, no one would bother to listen and believe her story anymore because of her many controversies. 
Then a rumor is now circulating that TA went to a hospital for a medico-legal examination. Witnesses said that TA was badly bruised that she could not even walk. 
Are the photograph, story of the unnamed source, and the rumor connected? If these pieces tell the real story of TA, will she speak about this incident? Will the public sympathize or dismiss her?
TA once tried to reach out to a family member FM1 she was once very close to hoping against hope that FM1 would soften up to her at that point –  but to no avail. It was so revolting for FM1 to be so callous when even in TA’s cash-strapped situations, she shouldered all the huge school expenses of two of FM1′s children only last year,  as a peace offering, just so she and FM1 would be “friends” again – all these long before the belated assistance and perks FM1 is now getting from another family member FM2.

When a writer AR once interviewed FM1 and FM2 about their controversies, AR’s obvious bias showed when she refused to publish TA’s side on the matter. Some very sympathetic friends SF of TA want to offer help to rescue TA from this quagmire and helplessness.

One of the saddest parts of TA’s plight is the absence of “security” for her properties, something that EO is allegedly now trying to abuse with the assistance/connivance of FM2. It used to be that EO never showed such interest in TA’s properties,  however it made a major turnaround when FM2 allegedly came into the picture and brainwashed EO into claiming what he is not supposed to. Still, when SF told TA of this possibility, she dismissed it and brushed it off. According to them, TA is still in denial that these people she once loved all turned their backs on her – especially FM1 whom she loved so much.  
Sadly, TA is already at the lowest point in her career, should she be trampled on even more? Can there be  a more painful end than this?
“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” – Virginia Woolf 
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The Actress Who Could Not Cry Wolf


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