(CABLE MOVIE) Cinema One Originals’ “Palitan” on SKYcable PAY-PER-VIEW

Discover the brilliance of the Philippine indie film scene, without leaving the comforts of your home, as the leading cable TV provider brings you an exclusive commercial-free access to a Cinema One Originals and Ato Bautista masterpiece, “Palitan”, bundled with the internationally recognized indie film “Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay”on SKYcable PAY-PER-VIEW from June 16 to July 15.

Fresh from its commercial cinema release, SKYcable is once again offering their subscribers premium entertainment options as they showcase the award-winning independent film “Palitan”.

Taking over seven years to produce, Ato Bautista truly did not disappoint viewers and critics as he effectively brought his story to life with his leading actors Alex Medina and Mara Lopez, who both won best actor and actress respectively in their roles in the film, and veteran actor Mon Confiado.

A story which was situated in the gritty streets of Quiapo in Manila, “Palitan” brought in a breath of fresh air to the local film industry as it tackles the sacrifices and harsh realities of living in poverty. The film follows the married life of Nestor (Alex) and Luisa (Mara) whose relationship was tarnished as both of them had to enter an erotic love triangle with Ramiro (Mon) to payoff the debts of Nestor to his boss. With them hanging by a thread to survive in life, Nestor and Luisa become victims to power and are both driven to the limits of love, lust, deceit, jealousy, and pride.

Alongside “Palitan” is the Antoinette Jadaone creation, “Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay”, featuring Lilia Cuntapay herself. The film follows Cuntapay who portrays a nameless role in a television melodrama. As she prepares for her first ever interview for a primetime newsprogram in her 30-year career, Cuntapay recalls her painful yet cherished memories that she had with her stepdaughter who already relocated to Canada. Her journey leads to a fictional awards night where she won Best Supporting Actress.

Experience the flourishing Filipino indie film industry and witness these masterpieces in standard definition as much as you want for seven days for only P399 through SKYcable PAY-PER-VIEW.

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To subscribe to this exclusive content, call 381-0000 or visit www.mysky.com.ph. You may also call or visit any SKYcable local branch office nearest you. With SKYcable, experience digital cable TV beyond clear signal.

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(CABLE MOVIE) Cinema One Originals’ “Palitan” on SKYcable PAY-PER-VIEW


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