Some Queer Maneuvers

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Petite songstress PS is a relative newcomer in the industry. Quite talented and seemingly naive, PS is so eager to prove herself. But most times, her over-eagerness seems like being too forward that turns off even her fans and co-stars. For a newbie, PS  was lucky to get paired with a big star BS in a movie, and soon after, her network gave her a follow up project opposite brawny actor BA.

Many observers say that PS and BA’s primetime gig wasn’t received very well by TV audience partly because of PS’ raw acting skills and her not-so-beautiful onscreen chemistry with BA. Yet it seems it had started a beautiful (and probably) secret closeness she now has with BA.

Sparks must have flown between BA and PS as sources say that BA regularly invites PS in his house for exercise and workouts together in his personal gym. Heard from the grapevine that those workouts allegedly often last till the wee hours of the morning.

In one of their workout sessions, a production staff came to pick them up when it was taking them too long to report for a show rehearsal. Guess what the staff saw when she got to the house: BA and PS were locked in a passionate kiss!

Nothing wrong with a kiss, but what’s strange is that BA and PS are often strongly rumored to be gays. Well, apparently, the two of them flex not only their muscles, but also their gender. Hmm…

“I love to be individual, to step beyond gender.” ~ Annie Lennox

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Some Queer Maneuvers


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