His Evident Preference

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Hunky Guy HG has grown in the industry as a commercial model before he was contracted by his management/network under their wings. Blessed physically, it is no wonder that he gets a good chunk of endorsements while his face is prominently seen on billboards and TV commercials. HG has undeniably become one of the country’s most sought-after actors and bankable endorsers.

Girls swooning over him is a no-brainer, as being attractive and fit are his big plus. At a young age, HG’s discipline both in his personal and professional life is incredible. His professionalism at work speaks volumes about his heart and maturity. Production staff and fans have only good words for HG who treats them well.

HG tries to be decent in his relationships, never loud and scandalous. However he is often hounded by rumors about his sexual preference which he just takes with a grain of salt. To him, what’s important is he is at peace, has a blooming career and a family he can come home to.

His latest affair with young actress YA didn’t prosper like the others before. Some reasons – or excuses were laid such as HG being a tightwad boyfriend. But of course, whether that is true or not, observers say the bottomline is still HG’s gender issues. What girl would want to get involved if true?

Are several sightings of HG in awkward situations a validation of such claim? Don’t look now but his latest sighting was kind of brave and daring. He was at a parking lot of a high-end mall seen walking ‘holding hands’ with a good-looking guy. The boldness of HG to have done that in public was amazing – a real tough act! The paparazzi’s only regret was that his shock overtook him that he wasn’t able to take a shot of what could have been the most explosive photo of them all. Uh oh!

At any rate, is HG now slowly telegraphing his answer to all “concerned?” Wish I have the yes answer.

“It’s no secret that we all are going to die someday, so why not live your life in courage and spiritual strength…because if man is living in fear he will be a lost soul even in death.”

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His Evident Preference


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