His Pointed Demeanor

One may say a star has “arrived”  when her/his  presence alone in an event or gathering commands a substantial fee – aka appearance fee. If the price is right, a celebrity will appear smiling and waving at the fans and audience and perform. Any talent or manager will grab at any chance.

In a provincial gig along with other young talents,  this laid-back-looking hot artist HA was the star performer.  Right there at the start, fans immediately noticed the obvious cold and fake smile of HA. Some even commented that his smile must have cost so much that HA could hardly give it away. Indeed, his demeanor in the entire event left so much to be desired.
While HA was performing, a group of eager kids gave him flowers which HA accepted and immediately handed to his bodyguard. When those same kids asked if they could have a photo with him, HA suddenly moved away, which was a non-verbal cue for “No pictures.” The kids were not only hurt and disappointed – they felt rejected. Those who witnessed the act said sarcastically that maybe “picture-taking” with HA required a separate fee as well. 
At one point during his performance, the microphone malfunctioned. A young boy went onstage to hand HA a working microphone. To the surprise of the audience, HA rudely grabbed the microphone from the boy, then continued with his performance. It was such a public display of arrogance at its worst.
For a star of HA’s status, is not being rude asking too much?
While HA may be at the height of his popularity at the moment, everyone knows that he has yet to prove his might at the box office – to be called a legit phenomenon. HA should not get drowned so easily on his dizzying success. To his handlers and managers, don’t be so crazy with numbers all the time. Have your ward learn some things he so badly needs – some good PR and EQ towards his fans won’t hurt. Just saying. 
“Good breeding is the art of showing men, by external signs, the internal regard we have for them.” ~to (Marcus Porcius Cato “The Elder”)

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His Pointed Demeanor


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