Just to Check Him Out

A group of friends GF went to an upscale club at the Fort. The popular club is often the melting point of celebrities where they unwind and meet up with friends and fellow celebrities.

When GF went inside the bar, one of their companions, a girl AG immediately noticed the presence of her crush, a popular hot actor HA who was with his friends having drinks. Feeling very excited, she told one of her male friends MF about her sighting of HA. Since GF’s table was assigned next to where HA and his friends were, AG would occasionally glance at HA laughing and having fun with his friends.

When AG saw that HA stood up from the table to go to the men’s room. AG requested MF to accompany her to that part of the club so that she can see HA in a brighter setting. When she lost sight of HA, she convinced MF to go in the men’s room to check if he was inside while she waited patiently outside.

Meanwhile, in the men’s room, the very eager MF could not find HA. He tried to look around but HA was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he heard noise coming from one of the cubicles. MF got curious and tried to confirm his suspicion. Then voila, he could not believe that he saw – 2 pairs of legs inside! You guessed it right – HA was there with someone else.

MF immediately went outside to the waiting AG to tell her what he found out. While talking outside, they saw HA come out of the men’s room followed by another hot looking guy. What was HA and the hot looking guy doing inside the cubicle? Your guess is as good as mine!

Needless to say, AG was so heartbroken…inconsolable. Never did she imagine that her huge excitement over HA an hour earlier quickly turned to something so horrible.

“What makes most of us who we are most of all is not our minds and not our bodies and not what happens to us, but how we respond to what happens to us.” ~ Joshua Prager

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Just to Check Him Out


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