Dad says JM de Guzman not a vagrant

Kapamilya actor JM de Guzman

MANILA – The father of actor JM de Guzman belied talks that his son is now a vagrant, as he was allegedly seen wandering in the streets begging for transportation money.

In an interview with entertainment writer Ricky Lo for his column in The Philippine Star, the actor’s father Ronniel de Guzman maintained that his son may not be well-off but stressed that he is not “dirt poor.”

“As I said, JM is not dirt poor. As a father, I am hurt by those untrue stories. Like any father, I love my son,” he said.

Mr. de Guzman said his son has personal savings aside from the one which Star Magic has saved for the actor.

“Star Magic is taking care of his earnings as it does with those of other contract stars. Ten percent of what JM was earnings from his shows, gigs and mall tours have been set aside as his savings at the BDO branch in ABS-CBN and he cannot withdraw from it without the consent of Mr. M. (Johnny Manahan),” he said.

Mr. de Guzman added that all of JM’s earnings in showbiz are completely his own and he is not the breadwinner of their family.

“Nagpapasalamat nga ako sa ABS-CBN sa nagtatabi sila ng pera ng mga contract stars nila. I want to make it clear that JM doesn’t support our family. His earnings are his own,” he said.

The actor’s father also shared that JM just bought a car recently, disproving reports that the actor begs for money to take public transportation.

“I guess he can go around in his private car,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. de Guzman is hopeful that JM will one day recover from his “health condition.”

“He’s somewhere, not yet stable, but getting better. A few more months and he will be okay. Maybe by December, he will be recovered. He will be a better man when he emerges and he himself will tell the whole true story,” he said.

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Dad says JM de Guzman not a vagrant


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