A Bad Keepsake

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It came like a shock to some of her friends when Celebrity Editor CE posted in her social media account a strongly-worded statement that somehow caught her followers by surprise. CE who is not known for anything combative in her posts left her friends wondering who could she be alluding to.

From some sources, it was gathered that CE’s staff made invitation to Passionate Actress PA to request her to be their magazine cover. It was learned that PA not only declined the offer but was reported to have uttered something unsavory about the magazine and CE. Those unsavory remarks had reached CE and caused her outburst.

At their editorial meeting, CE blew her top and infront of everyone, she called PA “unprofessional, mayabang at walang talent.” Certainly, the staff knew where CE was coming from, and they understood her.

In a way, showbiz is such a small world, everyone knows that whatever conflict one has towards a colleague/s should not be a reason to close and lock one’s doors because it is definitely a no-win situation.

But one may ask, why would PA decline an offer to pose for a magazine cover where CE works. Well, it’s a no-brainer question for people who are privy to the history of PA and CE. Is it not public knowledge that the two have a common denominator in the person of a low-key and elusive bureaucrat? Some people surmise that for the three of them, the circumstances behind their love story are not exactly worth looking back to.

“I have memories – but only a fool stores his past in the future. “ ~ David Gerrold

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A Bad Keepsake


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