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Pockie Pirates Game Overview

Pockie Pirates

Pockie Pirates


, a Browser-based Role Playing Game released by Game321 is one of the most played RPG today. Its horizontal version gaming of RPG combined with combative flashy effects made it a big hit for many. The game was first played in Chinese version and was later released in English. As everyone can see, Pockie Pirates was adopted from the popular Japanese manga – One Piece, to whom the story – your story will run. Start the adventure with Luffy who aims to find Gol D. Roger’s One Piece and become the pirate king by defeating the world government, joining tournaments, pvp’s, get slaves to work for you, trade goods and hijack enemy pirate ships, defeat the Schichibukai and more.



Pockie Pirates

Pockie Pirates Screenshot

Character creation is always the first thing you experience in any game, and this one has a fair, but could be better character creation. I say fair because it does at least give you the option to pick your gender and class, but nothing beyond that, which is a bit of a shame. There are currently four different classes for you to choose from that take on the roles of basic archetypes you’ve seen in other MMos they are; Doctor(Healer), Navigator(Mage), Great Swordsman(Tank), and Sniper(DPS). So the class selection is wide enough to pick what role you want your character to take, which I decided to go with the Sniper, to keep him a bit out of range of the enemy’s attacks.

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Pockie Pirates Top Reviews


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