The Masterstroke of the Resourceful Ex-Manager

As the last of the confetti fell on the winner TW, and the last hoots were heard, this contest will remain as one of the most controversial as far as its winners are concerned. First, over the years, the finalists were almost the same faces, and thus, winners were often questioned whether they deserved the accolade or not. Second, in this year’s awarding, conspicuously absent were several finalists. Thus, the winner did not have her court.

Finally, the most controversial rumor is that the outcome of the contest was the result of a promise of the organizer to the former manager of FM. Is this the reason for the absence of the other finalists? Nonetheless, TW has one of the most beautiful faces in showbiz, and regardless of the intrigues, she brought home the honor. In other words, the rumors will die down, but her proclamation will be etched in the contest’s history.
On hindsight, another parallel story is that the alleged real winner was one of the absent finalists. However, AF just doesn’t have the charisma of the other finalists, and with TW, AF will definitely pale in comparison. Although AF has been in the business for a time, she has yet to have a strong following. The question is how AF allegedly managed to win in a voting contest. Allegedly, it was through the help of a scion SP of a political family that got her the votes. It’s just too bad that SP lost last May despite the support of several showbiz personalities, and the strong family name.
What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate. -Donald Trump 
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The Masterstroke of the Resourceful Ex-Manager


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