Act Out and Aim High

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If Confused Singer’s drumbeaters and handlers DH are to be believed, CS has no gender problems as some people would like to believe. DH insists that CS is 100% woman, girl, mujer – bar none.

But how true are reports going around that CS is allegedly gay? Not a few articles online say she is indeed one. The NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) CS might be very expressive of her many showbiz crushes, especially of the ones she got paired with in her movies and teleserye – but except for one or two, those showbiz crushes of hers are not really taking her seriously.

The cynics will always have something to say. They contend that CS boyish movements alone are already leading. And her presumed crushes are all reportedly only for publicity to downplay the real issue. Yet, it shows that the public in unconvinced. There was in fact a report saying that she was allegedly frequenting a place somewhere up north to visit a “girl friend.” It was also something that bothered her handlers since the frequent visits to the north was affecting her schedules a lot.

That is why even reports of her many crushes and alleged holding hands with an attractive popular singer did not prosper because what sticks like glue in the public mind is her real sexual preference.

But those privy to her say that CS press releases regarding her fondness for the actors stars mentioned are all but gimmicks to play safe, very much like a career move to keep it from affecting her status in the biz, especially her coming up musical milestone. In a sense, CS and DH are quite careful not to jeopardize the network’s plans for her.

All told, unbelievers will have a lot of waiting to do – as no honest confession ala Charice is likely to happen anytime soon.

“Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words”~ Caddy, Eileen

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Act Out and Aim High

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