Looking for Mr. Right

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Two very visible celebrities might be the next couple to watch out for – or maybe not. Stylish Girl SG is allegedly often seen at the dressing room of a weekly show and dressing up Dancing Hunk What makes it odd? Two reasons: While DH is allegedly single, SG is reportedly on a committed relationship. SG’s styling and dressing DH is reportedly on a pro bono basis, meaning she is not doing it on PR.

Her presence in most of DH’s shows and gigs kind of baffles some people around because of her and DH’s respective status and age gap, if you get the drift. DH maybe single, but he is reportedly seeing someone. Photos of them together are on the social networking sites.

On the part of SG, observers are quite bewildered why she seems not to have a really lasting and serious relationship. Most girls even envy her that despite not being so pretty, she had dated quite a number of the most eligible bachelors in town. Her friends come to her defense against her bashers saying that with all the dirt thrown at her, SG is a charming and loyal friend.

But her bashers just won’t stop especially when SG unabashedly flirted online with a Hot Media guy HM. At that time, SG was really bent on pursuing HM, but he politely turned her down and her advances – something that her bashers did not let pass and gloatingly threw unprintables at her.

Deliberate or not, SG seems to invite critics to herself. While others say she thrives on it remains to be proven. At any rate, she knows and believes she has what it takes to make it – and she is definitely walking her talk.

On the other hand, if DH won’t watch out, he might be dragging himself into SG’s net – something his new girl won’t be happy about. On the other hand, only DH can control girls like SG to stop ululating over him.

“A boy spends his time looking for different girls to sleep with, but a man spends his time looking for that special one worth waking up to.“

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Looking for Mr. Right

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