She’s Really Lacking Propriety

After having been through controversial relationships, Dusky Beauty – DB seems unattached at the moment. But unlike most stars who thrive on publicizing their love affairs, DB strives to keep everything as private as possible, thus earning her the mysterious tag and the more apt – denial queen. But being quiet and mysterious don’t limit her from dating guys as she seems to be active in that department.

No wonder that ever since she joined showbiz, almost all of DB’s relationships became fodder for controversies – even without her meaning to. The gossip mill was abuzz with rumors of DB’s being a “material girl,” perhaps justifying her preference for certain character and types of men. Observers say that DB definitely goes for guys with deep pockets, hence the perceived label. Yet, DB is quick to deny that she is the materialistic kind. Uh oh, did I say that she was also tagged as denial queen?

It’s public knowledge that DB was once in a relationship with a political scion – PS, which she never really admitted. Even with her presence at the onset of PS biggest and major controversy years ago, DB kept denying everything, especially after the verdict had been handed down. It was during PS ordeal that DB was alleged to have severed her ties with him. When PS survived that crisis, people privy to him said he looked like a reformed man ready to change for good.

Here’s the gist: DB reportedly now wants to win back PS, especially after he scored a major victory in a recent contest. She is often rumored to be asking PS whereabouts among their common friends – and worse showing up uninvited in his events/parties. PS friends are definitely pissed, because they can smell some motives behind it.

Reportedly, PS wants to turn a new leaf, wanting to walk his talk as a show of gratitude to his supporters and followers who supported him all the way and to prove that he really means business. Quite obviously, DB’s recent acts are not helping him any. However, some curious minds are wondering what is prompting DB to go back to PS. “Clearly, it’s for the perks,” they alleged, “as in the past when she wallowed in the generosity of PS and family. “

As they say, you won’t miss anything you never had.

“Look at the means which a man employs, consider his motives, observe his pleasures. A man simply cannot conceal himself!” ~ Confucius

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She’s Really Lacking Propriety


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