Why Jinkee Pacquiao entered politics

Jinkee Pacquiao

MANILA — Jinkee, the wife of Filipino boxing icon and Sarangani congressman Manny Pacquiao, brought up parts of the Bible when asked what motivated her to start her own career in politics.

The 34-year-old Sarangani vice-governor, who was elected to the post in the May mid-term polls, particularly referred to one of the 10 commandments, which says, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

“Everytime na I read the Bible, more than 50 times nakalagay do’n na ‘love each other,’ ‘forgive one another’ — laging ‘one another,’ ‘each other.’ It involves other people,” Jinkee said in an interview published in lifestyle magazine Good HouseKeeping’s July 2013 issue.

She continued, “Life means to share. Share mo rin kung anong meron ka. Love your neighbor kasi nakalagay talaga sa Bible, ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself.’”

Even before she launched her vice-gubernatorial bid early this year, Jinkee said she has sought to help her community in Sarangani through the various Pacquiao-owned establishments there, including a coffee shop, a gas station, a water-refilling station, an economy hotel, and fashion botiques.

Jinkee said job opportunities here are intended for those in need. “Mahirap magtrabaho, so gusto ko mabigyan ng work ‘yung mga kagaya ko dati, longing to have a job.”

She recalled being “at peace” with helping others through this, which she pointed to in explaining her initial reluctance to run for vice-governor.

“[Pero na-realize ko na] ang pagtulong lang ‘yung way na mababalik ko sa Panginoon ‘yung all these things na binigay sa amin. Kasi kung iisipin mo, ano pa ‘yung gusto mong gawin?

“Ayaw ko naman ‘yung lagi na lang pleasure, puro pleasure. Gusto ko ‘yung may maiiwan ka sa mundo na nagawa mo para sa kanila. I realized na hindi naman fame, fortune or possessions ang mahalaga. Kasi kapag nawala ka, ‘yung legacy mo is the love that you have for the people,” she said.

Winning as vice-governor, Jinkee added, was instrumental in finding her purpose. “Na-realize ko na ang reason na nage-exist ako sa mundo na ito ay para sa iba — to share, to love them, to care for them.”

Jinkee added she hopes to leave behind a “good reputation” that will make her children proud.

“‘Yung good reputation ang maiiwanan ko, para sa mga [ginagawa ko]. ‘Yung good reputation ang maiiwan ko. Gusto ko proud ang mga anak ko na may ginawa ako na mabuti,” she said.

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Why Jinkee Pacquiao entered politics

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