His Great and New Love

You can not teach an old dog new tricks – a popular saying whose meaning is hardly contestable. Literally and figuratively, people will say amen in agreement that old habits really die hard. Good and bad, habits have a way of ingraining in our system such that getting out of them becomes a brave, bold struggle.

Such is the case of Hunk Actor – HA. Time and again, he kept promising every girl his undying love and commitment, yet loses it as fast as he sees another desirable one coming. The young HA seems not to have learned enough, even as he just hardly survived the onslaught of bashers from his latest relationship of months ago.

Reportedly, HA’s latest conquest is a Daughter of a Media Executive DE. How will his Current Love – CL take it if she knew that HA’s trysts with DE at DE’s posh condo are done so often and with such passion? Reportedly, HA and DE are so wild to the extent that they even use gadgets and props to get them burning with pleasure. How is that, CL? Surely you must have seen this coming, haven’t you?

Loyalty is only for dogs – does HA subscribe to this? Early on, observers were one in saying that HA was not cut out for fidelity. His playing with several girls while in a supposed committed relationship nailed it all. Years and several girls after, HA is still that powerless. Given the facts and evidence to his face, looks like HA’s only power lies in his skill of denying when caught, even as he looks stu**d doing so.

Indeed, with fame comes pain, as he now seems to be overpaying his dues. HA should not squander his youth and good looks mindlessly– for he will definitely pay for it dearly in the end.

“I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.” ~ S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders

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His Great and New Love


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