Bamboo’s choice questioned by netizens!

Rocker Bamboo Manalac who decided to pick acoustic singer and looker Paolo Onesa over father ans son dou of Mark and Willy Cordovales on last Sunday’s  Battle Round of “The Voice of the Philippines”!


paolo onesa

Onesa was obviously surprised when Manalac chose him after their performance of the Apo Hiking Society’s “Panalangin,” especially after coaches Lea Salonga and chose the Cordovales duo.

“Naaliw ako sa mga galaw ng mag-ama,” said.

Musician Joey Ayala, who is helping Manalac, even acknowledged that the Cordovaleses have the advantage because of their “natural harmonies.”

But Manalac eventually chose Onesa, which he declared as one of the dark horses in the hit TV talent competition.

“I believe in you,” he told the contestant. “Just believe in yourself.”

Many people online were also not pleased with Bamboo’s decision.

Do you think that he decided to pick Onesa because he looks good on television and when time comes for people to vote by text and online he will surely have an advantage?

Just asking.

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Bamboo’s choice questioned by netizens!

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