Couldn’t Care Less

What comes around goes around – this is the mantra practiced by some more privileged people who feel that it is but right to share with the disadvantaged.

This showbiz family is swamped with the biggest projects anyone can only dream of. From afar, people perceive them as a very ideal family, so ideal that one would assume that they can do no wrong. And with all the bountiful blessings landing on their laps, you would expect that the family, particularly the couple would at least have the heart to share their blessings with others. But think again.

Husband Actor – HA is such a tightwad, a very selfish tightwad. He is long known in the industry as a big “kuripot” but only a few know how HA practices this to the hilt – right in his own home.

According to a friend of the family, HA can be sued for violation of Kasambahay Bill which sets the monthly minimum wages of domestic workers at P2,500 (for those working in the National Capital Region -NCR)

It was revealed that HA pays way below the minimum monthly salary for each of their Househelp – HH, including the drivers. HA reasoned out that the the pay is fair enough given that the HH’s enjoy everything free while sheltered in their home – food, water, electricity.

HH’s are often helpless to argue with HA as he often came up with all the justification for his malpractices. Some HH couldn’t take it and have left them owing to the fact that no one can subsist on such a starvation wage. Apart from not being paid right, HA allegedly curses them often, loud enough to be heard by the neighbors. HA’s Wife – HW often condones the husband’s chronic attitude just to avoid arguments and keep peace in the house.

HA is often teased by his colleagues how stingy he can get, even to his girlfriends during his younger days. Entertainment media people revealed that even on special occasions like Christmas where most stars make the effort to remember them, HA doesn’t reach out at all. No matter how much they cajole or kid him, they said that HA will never ever dip into his pockets.

For all the huge talent fees from the string of projects enjoyed by this family, one can easily conclude that it is more than enough to make them live in style for the rest of their lives. Yet, no one can force them if they choose to not share it. At the same time, they can not force the public to swallow as truth the image they try so hard to make us believe 24/7 on that idiot box.

“The future which we hold in trust for our own children will be shaped by our fairness to other people’s children.”~ Marian Wright Edelman

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Couldn’t Care Less

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