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In showbiz, sometimes it’s not what you see that gets to you, but rather it’s what you don’t see that tells the story.

Popular but Troubled Star (TS) has reaped a huge number of fans and haters alike. The popularity of social media has rendered most celebrities helpless against the onslaught of bashers who are often abusive. But some stars know the terrain, they know it comes with the territory and have learned to live with their haters’ existence.

But it is obvious that the haters’ persistence depends largely on the stars’ behavior towards them. The more a star reacts, the more he/she becomes fair game versus the (mostly) nameless and faceless enemies. Keep in mind that these people exist to make you feel miserable.

But bashers and or haters are different from critics. The latter judges tactfully and professionally with an end to help the star reform for his own good. But with regard to TS, his critics and haters usually have the same thing to say about him – his unprofessionalism and trademark arrogance – two things TS is notoriously known for.

He has been called a lot of names but TS always stands up against them – always on the defensive, making his tireless bashers feast on him more. Apart from the stories of his unprofessionalism and arrogance are accounts of his alleged drinking, and lately substance abuse, too. Although a little hard to believe owing to his age, but judging from the people’s testimonies (smoke), there must be real fire to it.

Not too long ago, there were secret whispers going around that TS was brought to the hospital allegedly from substance-related side effects. TS was reportedly having cramps, headaches while sweating profusely. His very worried family immediately rushed him to the hospital. The hush-hush led to people believing that TS is indeed uncontrollable and his parents are helpless on the aspect of the goings on in his personal life.

“Elderly people and those in authority cannot always be relied upon to take enlightened and comprehending views of what they call the indiscretions of youth.” ~ Winston Churchill

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