A Killer Celebration

One of the very Disgusted Guests DG at a star’s birthday party felt so aghast and humiliated by the experience and wanted to share it with Fashion PULIS readers.

DG’s account of a recent birthday milestone of a Petite Comedienne PC proved to be the worst birthday party she has ever attended – a total disaster – if she had to be honest about it.

It was raining when DG arrived at 5pm which was the time indicated on the invitation. Everyone was busy and running around as they were still setting up the venue.

As time went by, DG felt tired and hungry even just looking at people came and went. At 7pm, there were already many guests and more were still coming – chairs were already in shortage. People just stood up, looking restless – and hungry.

Adding to the stressful situation was the Mother of the Celebrant MC who was rude and kept shouting at the staff as she ordered them to hurry up with their tasks. On the other hand, the Lady Owner LO of the well-appointed house who lent her place to be the party venue was all amiable, simple and accommodating.

At past 9pm, after a grueling 4-hour wait – PC finally appeared. Thereafter the program was opened, but most of the guests looked disengaged, for obvious reasons.

Eating time was the worst – a tragic and humiliating experience. A long stretch of people lined up leading to the food table. But before they could even do that, all the guests seated on the table must first have their photos taken with PC on the stage.

The guests who had no chairs were the first ones to go ahead to line up. But DG and guests were shocked to learn that the food had already ran out when more than half of the guests haven’t even eaten yet. Imagine the sight of them lining up for food that were no longer there.

It all seemed that the food and all the provisions at the party were only good for 50 people and they invited 400! The dismay on people’s faces no matter how they tried to hide it was was quite evident. The very kind LO saved the day and took it upon herself to order palabok and pizza via delivery, which DG assumed she also paid for.

Meanwhile, instead of pacifying and apologizing to her guests, the shameless PC allegedly kept saying, “Salamat sa pakikikain nyo.” Whether it was meant as a joke, was utterly in bad taste. Did she ever realize that there was no food?

The party food consisted of dinuguan, pancit and lechon – which were all gone in minutes.

Earlier, PC’s brother who instead of helping calm the situation, was seen busy helping himself eating at a corner . Uh oh, he must have foreseen the looming food shortage and deemed it wise to fill his tummy first.

Bottomline, DG felt that given their circumstances and resources, PC and family should have invited ONLY their family and close friends, and not included the high-profile and important people in the industry whom she fed with the limited barbeque, dinuguan and pancit.

For DG, everything was an epic fail – a surefire way to bury one’s career and image six feet below the ground.

“People do not think themselves ugly, just as no horse thinks its face is long.”

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A Killer Celebration


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