Too Late for Remorse

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Despite modern views, marriage is not merely between the husband and the wife as it also means giving proper respect to in-laws. Sadly, very few couples, especially in showbiz, have good relationships with their in-laws. Fewer are those who retained good relations with their in-laws even after separation from their spouse. Hence, the recent post of entrepreneur performer (EP) concerning the death of a very close relative (VC) of her husband (HH) raised eyebrows.

When HH and EP married, hopes were high that their union would be ideal. HH, who carries the family name of one of the pillars of the industry, even left his acting career for a more stable job. Meanwhile, EP continued her career and showed her flexibility in various areas of the business. However, throughout their marriage, VC was neglected. Hardly did the couple give attention, visit, or even financially help VC allegedly.

For instance, VC had to live in the homes of her friends, as she had no place to stay when HH and EP were married. Of course, conditions did not improve when the marriage of HH and EP experienced its downside. Sadly, when VC got sick and needed money for her medicine, the couple ignored her. Thus, when EP posted her message asking for prayers for the repose of the soul of VC, the basic reaction was, “Where were you when she needed help when she was still alive?”

Is this posting of EP an honest show of remorse on the part of EP, or is it just being “showbiz” on her part?

It’s a little too late to say that you’re sorry now, you kicked me when I was down. But what you say just don’t hurt me no more. You get no love. – Eminem

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Too Late for Remorse


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