A Blow for a Blow

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Actress in Bloom (AB) has been very expressive of her present blissful life. Among many, AB feels perfectly blessed with her lovelife and new-found independence. She makes no bones expressing her joys via social media, always projecting a positive aura and sweet public persona wherever she is. AB has been very vocal that it has been her happiest life so far. However, AB fails to take this positivity where it matters most.

People who have recent encounters with her realized that behind AB’s alleged sweetness lies some bitchiness and arrogance, too. More often, it’s the stars themselves who debunk the public’s positive perception of them. Their disgusting behavior leave people totally dismayed and flabbergasted.

AB’s neighbors have began complaining about her arrogance and callousness regarding the noise that she and her friends cause within the neighborhood. What was once their peaceful existence has turned upside down, noisy and rowdy.

AB loves throwing parties regularly in the house with her friends. Reportedly, they party till the wee hours, totally unmindful of the noise they create amid the stillness of the night – neighbors are like their captive victims for hours. Needless to say, music ceases to be pleasurable when it’s played beyond decibels that one’s ears can take.

A neighbor once complained and politely requested AB to tone down their music since it was already late at night, but the brat in AB surfaced, and instead of getting embarrassed, AB reportedly upped the volume even more. Indeed, AB’s name is a misnomer.

If AB is smart enough, maybe she could have the answer as to why a recent unfortunate event happened. This is not to say that the neighbors are guilty of some cruelty, but let’s play devil’s advocate that the possibility is there. After exhausting all means and not getting results, desperation can get to anybody’s nerves and make one able to hit back at the enemy where it will hurt the most. In this case, with neighbors wanting to send AB a strong message – something so dear to her became the sacrificial lamb.

Moral of the story: Be sensitive to your neighbors and always treat them right.

“A real diplomat is one who can cut his neighbor’s throat without having his neighbor notice it.”~ Trygve Lie 

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A Blow for a Blow

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