Letter from a Reader: I Prefer Cristine Reyes Over KC Concepcion for Darna

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Dear Fashion PULIS

I heard from DZZM teleradyo that KC Concepcion will be the one who will portray Darna. Okay… Cristine Reyes was not really my bet since she doesn’t live up to my expectation, but KC Concepcion? Come on! I’d rather choose Cristine over KC. In my humble opinion, Cristine is way better than KC. Her body, her curves, her everything is just perfect (not her attitude and prolly her complexion as well, but seriously, ABS-CBN need to stop giving projects to someone who does not only “fit” the description, but also does not know how to freaking act- though I have to commend KC for playing a kontrabida role because it perfectly fits her character and her real attitude).

I don’t know if this true, BUT the hosts of MISMO said that it was already confirmed… so I guess I will no longer look forward to watching Darna. The title should even be changed to DRABNA or DRAGNA.


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Letter from a Reader: I Prefer Cristine Reyes Over KC Concepcion for Darna