Poll: Team Claudine Barretto vs Team Raymart Santiago

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Saying she has had enough of “all kinds of stress” due to “a series of events” she has been dealing with since 2005, actress Claudine Barretto asked the court, on Monday, to order her husband, actor Raymart Santiago, to stay away from her and their children.

Barretto, who according to her lawyer Ferdinand Topacio was weeping all throughout the proceeding, specifically asked the Marikina Regional Trial Court to issue a temporary protection order (TPO) that would prevent her estranged husband from getting within 300 meters of her and their household.

Barretto refused to talk to reporters as Topacio explained that the petition would allow a judge to issue a TPO immediately while scheduling hearings to determine whether a permanent protection order should be granted.

“The important component of the relief is that we are pleading [with] the court to tell Raymart to stay away from my client, their household and their kids… within a certain radius of 300 meters,” he said.

“Our petition also asks Raymart to stop communicating with the kids as they try to settle their differences,” he added.

Barretto’s case was later raffled off to the Marikina RTC Branch 192, a family court presided over by Judge Geraldine Macaraig. The court refrained from releasing further details, citing the confidentiality given to such sensitive cases.

For his part, Topacio said the actress had been thinking of filing the petition for some time although she made up her mind only last weekend.

“This was precipitated by a series of events which I am not at liberty to discuss. She has been enduring acts since 2005 even as she wanted to make their marriage work,” the lawyer added.

When asked for more details, Topacio said the actress was subjected to “all kinds of stress—physical, emotional, psychological, even economic stress.”

He also said that although the case had been filed, Barretto still had mixed feelings about the whole thing.

“She decided just over the weekend and even then, she was ambivalent [about] the matter. Even after the filing, she was still crying. We were coaxing her to eat something because she hasn’t eaten anything since last night,” he added.

Topacio said that Barretto had held back against filing the case because she knew it would be her last resort as it would not help repair their marriage.

“She felt she had no other recourse. She realizes, as she confided to me, that this is the point where there is no more turning back and that this is the beginning of the end of the marriage,” he noted.

However, he could not say if her action would lead to an annulment case. “We’re taking this one step at a time. Anyway, our allegations in the petition do not involve the validity of marriage. It’s more of the stress factor which escalates the conflict between husband and wife.”

Topacio also revealed that Barretto had sought the services of a clinical psychologist to give her counseling to help her cope with what she has been going through.

Only recently, the actress revealed in media interviews that Santiago had not been living with her and their children for at least a month.

More than a year ago, the couple presented a united front when they faced off with Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo in court following a brawl at the airport, which led to the filing of cases and countercharges between both parties.

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Poll: Team Claudine Barretto vs Team Raymart Santiago

Poll: What Can You Say About GMA Network Statement Regarding My Husband’s Lover?

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“GMA Network welcomes the scrutiny of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) of our primetime program ‘My Husband’s Lover’. We believe that our program while tackling sensitive real-life situations is produced with utmost prudence and in good taste. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board or MTRCB has given the program an SPG (Strong Parental Guidance) rating and GMA is committed to comply with all its standards.

We would like to thank all the viewers of ‘My Husband’s Lover’ for supporting our program not just by watching it but via intelligent discussions and comments in all forms of media. The Kapuso Network is pleased with the high ratings that ‘My Husband’s Lover’ has achieved in its first two weeks and would like to assure the Filipino audience that we will continue to produce relevant and entertaining programs.”

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Poll: What Can You Say About GMA Network Statement Regarding My Husband’s Lover?

Poll: Team Charice vs Team Mommy Raquel

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“Why does she have to apologize to us when she knows that we already knew that she’s a lesbian a long time ago?”

Speaking in tagalog, that was the statement made by Charice Pempengco’s mother, Raquel at a press conference shown on tv earlier today. The statement was in answer to her daughter, Charice’s tv interview a week ago.

Raquel further added that she and her son, Carl understand Charice’s situation, and she never took it against her daughter — as she herself was once a lesbian before she got married and gave birth to Charice. The only difference is that she made a choice to start a family of her own over satisfying and giving in to her sexual preference.

Raquel’s brave statement above on her lesbianism shocked those who were present in the presscon and the audience watching on tv.

From the interview, it was obvious that Raquel was hurting by the turn of events that had hounded them as a family for so long since speculations came out about her daughter Charice’s being a lesbian.

She said that she can take her daughter for what she is, but one thing that she can never accept is Charice’s getting into a relationship with an Allysa Quijano – her daughter’s alleged live-in partner.

Poll: Team Charice vs Team Mommy Raquel

Poll: What can You Say about Charice Pempengco’s Coming Out Statement?

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MANILA, Philippines – When international singing phenom Charice celebrated her 21st birthday last May 10, she intimated to me that her party was her “coming out” of sorts. That night, she was ecstatic, elated and electrified because finally she was having her “birthday debut,” something that she did not experience when she turned 18 because of her hectic singing engagements abroad.

Instead of wearing a pink gown as she walked down the spiral staircase, she wore a pair of black pants, a pink long-sleeved shirt with a fuchsia bow tie on the night of her celebration. Instead of long locks stubbornly gathered in a bun, she wore a short do that was slightly licked with hair wax, the emphasis was given on her sideburns. Shod in a pair of Sperry, she dashed to the makeshift stage of Cool Breeze, a rented pool resort in Calamba City to regale her 67 guests with a mini concert. Most of the guests were her childhood friends from Gulod, a barrio in Cabuyao, Laguna. Charice was only seven when she, her mother Raquel and brother Carl transferred to this seemingly quiet, bucolic community.

For an hour or so, Charice was singing her heart out, as if telling her audience, if not the entire public, to hear her loud and clear. In her powerful voice, as she sang 15 songs that night, was a message of newfound independence, a clear shout out to the world that she was free, uninhibited, without apologies.

“I feel free as a bird, Ninong Büm,” she told me with a big smile crisscrossing her face before she began her performance. We were at her dressing room, which was filled with a few more pairs of pants, pastel-colored long-sleeved shirts and bow ties. That night, she was to have, as she put it, “three costume changes.”

“Where is this feeling of freedom coming from, hija?” I asked her as I tried to help her fix her suspenders.

“I’m able to express myself better now. I have come to accept the real me. I have come to love the real me. I now celebrate the real me,” she said, expressing her thoughts in one breath, in straight English without her acquired American twang.

“Even if you have earned a sizeable amount of bashers?” I probed.

“Noong bata pa po ako na wala kami halos makain, may nangungutya na sa akin. Ngayon, kahit i-bash nila ako nang i-bash, nakakakain na po ako at ang pamilya ko,” she meekly explained, adding that her financial status now “is still very, very good.” (In fact, just last Saturday, Charice bought herself a silver BMW, which she paid in cash and nicknamed “Captain.”)

“Even if I don’t work for 10 or more years, I know we will still eat. But why will I do that? The only thing that is changed in me is my look, my perspective. My voice remains the same.”

Charice said she is committed to do shows in Indonesia and Germany soon. In June, she will be back in Los Angeles to fulfill some recording commitments. She will also do a show and recording in Japan soon. A guesting on Ellen is also in the offing. She’s still in contact with Ellen DeGeneres, she said.

Charice also told me Oprah knows about her bashers. “Oprah just told me to keep my cool and not be affected. I assured her, ‘Yes, Oprah, I can handle them. My spirit is made of titanium I will not break’.”

She humbly added: “But I’m thankful to my bashers, too. They make me so much stronger. I love them. I offer them peace. And I will forever be grateful to those who have loved me since Day One.” She also mentioned her gratitude to the worldwide Chasters, her fans club.

Charice also said she found a friend in Barbra Streisand. “She was one of those who told me I don’t owe anybody any explanation.”

Before I could ask another question, she ran to the door with her right hand tightly clasping my left hand. She was hurrying me to go to the stage ahead because that night, I was the emcee. And she lovingly requested me a week before her bash to be the one to introduce her to the crowd before her special performance.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” I began, “she doesn’t need any introduction not because she is famous now but because she grew before our very eyes… Charice!”

“Hindi pa po ako kakanta,” she cautioned me from the table in front of the stage, giggling. “Mag-bo-blow muna po ako ng candle sa cake.”

“Never mind, just come up the stage,” I hushed back, smiling. She came up the stage. We held hands.

The cake was presented to her by Glenn Alcabasa Aldueza, a young businessman from Gulod and a very close friend of Charice. Glenn will soon be the business manager of Charice in the Philippines, I was told.

I led the singing of the Happy Birthday song. And immediately after, Charice, with a silent, serene and sparkly smile, made a wish; then she blew the candles on her birthday cake. Everybody stood up and gave her a thunderous applause. Then she gently took the microphone from me, signaled the band whose members were also from Gulod and began to regale the crowd with her distinct melodious voice. (Believe me, she sings so much better now!)

Included in her meaningful and well thought out repertoire that night were the following songs: Hinahanap-hanap Kita, Nasa Iyo na ang Lahat, Ako’y Sa’yo at Ika’y Akin, Bleeding Love, Moves Like Jagger, Locked Out of Heaven, Cool Off, Kisapmata, Mirror, Pusong Bato, Love on Top, Just Give Me a Reason and, of course, Pyramid. When she sang Yeng Constantino’s Salamat, she became emotional. Later on she confided to me that that song was for her mother.

The crowd went gaga, especially when she beautifully breezed through Pink’s “Perfect,” the song, which, she told me during our ninong-inaanak bonding a week before her birthday, best described her life now.

“You’re the man, Charice! You’re the man!” I shouted animatedly in my utmost admiration of a pure and humble talent before me.

Charice, perspiring profusely as she enjoyed her party, just winked at me.

That night, indeed, the international singing phenom was very free.

Poll: What can You Say about Charice Pempengco’s Coming Out Statement?