‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Trailer Unleashed at Comic-Con

The official trailer for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” was unveiled during last Saturday’s San Diego Comic-Con. Check it out while it’s hot!

Catching Fire

The trailer features fresh footage of Katniss and her crew as they head into battle yet again, as well as a solid first glimpse of Catching Fire’s new arena.

“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” opens in theaters worldwide this November.

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‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Trailer Unleashed at Comic-Con

‘The Wolverine’ – Train Fight Scene (Video)

The most iconic character in the X-Men universe embarks upon on an epic journey in modern-day Japan in “The Wolverine.” Inspired by the celebrated Marvel comic book arc, Logan (Hugh Jackman), the century-old mutant known to the world as Wolverine, is lured to a Japan he hasn’t seen since World War II – and into a shadowy realm of Yakuza and Samurai.

Wolverine Train

Director James Mangold embraced the opportunity to take Logan directly into the heart of present-day Japan, which is as full of sleek, high-tech modernity as it is rife with deep traditions and hidden codes of honor. “This story takes Logan into a kind of fever dream of today’s Japan, full of Yakuza, Ninja, Samurai, Industrialist crime, mystery and mysticism,” the director explains.

The Japanese setting allowed director Mangold and Jackman to re-imagine Logan in a fresh guise: as a Rōnin. “In feudal Japan, the Samurai belonged to a master, and a Rōnin is a Samurai who no longer has a master to serve. So, he is a kind of a warrior without a purpose, without a cause,” Mangold explains. “Many of the people who made Logan feel part of a cause are now gone. So, he’s essentially a lost man, capable of doing anything, with no mandate. That’s an iconography that American Westerns and Samurai films share and now we’re bringing a comic book character into it.”

First-time actor Rila Fukushima, plays Yukio – the fiery, sword-wielding bodyguard of Logan. A native of Tokyo, Rila Fukushima says it was Yukio’s colorful intensity that intrigued her. “What interested me were her physicality and her ruthless nature,” she muses.“I was really excited to have the chance to do such strong action sequences– but I also saw great potential for humor with her.”

Fukushima threw herself into the high spirit and trials of the role. “It was an amazing, challenging journey for me,” she says. “I trained with our terrific stunt team, learned all the physical stuff, including sword work, kick-boxing and fighting, and also did lots of weight training. I’d never done anything like this before, but it was great fun.”

Tao Okamoto plays out Mariko’s complicated love story with Logan. Okamoto was drawn to the background of her character as the daughter of a powerful industrialist who was never there for her, and has arranged a marriage for her to a man she does not love. “Mariko could never be a normal woman,” Okamoto observes. “At the start of the story, she is someone very desperate. Then she meets Logan, and she starts to realize what she wants in life, and she begins to change. That transformation was very interesting to me.”

Another powerful and complex woman is brought to life by Svetlana Khodchenkova, who takes on the green-eyed Viper, a cunning and treacherous mutant. Khodchenkova, who hails from Russia, is best known in the West for her recent breakout role in the acclaimed spy story Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, as the Soviet operative Irina.

“The Wolverine” in 3D opens July 25 in more than 200 screens nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.

Check out “The Wolverine’s” heart-stopping action here:

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‘The Wolverine’ – Train Fight Scene (Video)

Horror Expert James Wan Prepares ‘The Conjuring’

Truth is stranger than fiction…and a lot more frightening. No one knew that better than Ed Warren and his clairvoyant wife, Lorraine, whose lifelong personal experiences combating inhuman forces garnered them respect in the field of demonology long before the immense popularity of the paranormal on the screen.


And long before Ed and Lorraine tackled the foreboding menace in a little place called Amityville, they encountered the most perilous evil even they would ever come up against. This terrifying case is the subject of the new horrror film “The Conjuring” from New Line Cinema.

James Wan, who had known of the couple’s work prior to taking the directing reins of “The Conjuring,” relates, “I’ve always been a big fan of the Warrens. I really admire them. They pioneered the modern-day style of ghost hunting with technical equipment, capturing evidence on film and audiotape. Since they’ve inspired so many stories, books and films, it was cool to actually make a movie where who they are is as much the focus as the family’s home they are investigating.”

The film reveals the real horrors lurking within a secluded centuries-old farmhouse in the seemingly peaceful countryside of Harrisville, Rhode Island, bought in 1970 by Carolyn and Roger Perron. However, the couple and their five daughters soon find themselves directly in the path of extreme, yet indefinable, danger. When Ed and Lorraine meet the family and the unnatural enemy waging war against them, they know they are in for the battle of their career…and lives.

Producer Peter Safran believes the case was seminal for the Warrens because they wanted not only to safeguard the Perron children, but their own young daughter, Judy. He conveys, “I think what they went through with those girls really laid the groundwork for their life path, including Amityville and beyond. I was particularly drawn to the events because I also have a daughter, and I can’t even think of a limit to what I would do to protect her.”


Producer Rob Cowan comments, “Everybody identifies with the notion that something’s under your bed or in the closet, but this really happened, so it makes it all the more chilling.”

Screenwriters Chad Hayes and Carey W. Hayes had a unique take—telling the story via the tandem points of view of the Warrens and the Perrons. Chad remarks, “What we loved about writing this script is the contrast between two couples: there are the Warrens, who are devout Catholics and respected demonologists, and the Perrons, who aren’t at all religious. And then their lives collide. Who fixes what and how does it get fixed?”

“These strangers crossed paths over some very ugly entities,” Carey adds. “They took a very daunting journey, and going through their steps, we just got hooked. It became an obsession.”

Wan remembers, “When I read the script, I said, ‘Wow, this is great, here is a chance to do something different.’”

During the project’s development, Wan and the Hayes brothers went through the Warrens’ files—some 4,000 cases. “We found a lot of great material,” says Wan. “My goal was to incorporate some of the wildest things they’d encountered in their lifetime, yet still stay true to this particular family’s story. We drew a lot of inspiration from the Perrons’ recollections as well. I thought it was even more frightening to show the scares through the eyes of the pros along with the perspective of this family that has no inkling of the supernatural world.”

“We wanted to honor both families,” says Cowan, “so it was really rewarding when they said we’d achieved a genuine level of accuracy.”

Wan concludes, “Most people will, at some point, relate that they know someone who has, or that they themselves have, experienced something paranormal. On my other films, it was comforting to tell myself those things weren’t real, I’d just made them up…but for ‘The Conjuring’ I didn’t have that luxury.”


Opening across the Philippines on August 21, “The Conjuring” is a New Line Cinema production and will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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Horror Expert James Wan Prepares ‘The Conjuring’

Britney Spears – ‘Ooh La La’ Music Video from ‘The Smurfs 2′

Pop icon Britney Spears has released the music video for her new song “Ooh La La,” an original soundtrack of the highly anticipated family comedy “The Smurfs 2.”

Britney Smurfs

“Ooh La La,” which will play at the end credits of the film, was written by Lukasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke), Joshua Coleman (Ammo), Henry Walter (Cirkut), Bonnie McKee, Jacob Kasher Hindlin (J Kash), Lola Blanc and Fransisca Hall and produced by Dr. Luke, Ammo and Cirkut for Prescription Songs.

“The Smurfs 2,” the sequel to the hit hybrid live action/animated film that took in over $ 560 million at the worldwide box office in 2011, is set to hit U.S. theaters on July 31 (and Philippine cinemas on August 07, 2013).

Britney Spears added, “I have always loved the Smurfs as a kid and now my boys are the biggest Smurfs fans EVER. I wanted to surprise them with a song in the movie. I know they’ll think it’s Smurftastic!”

Lia Vollack, president of Worldwide Music for Sony Pictures, added, “We are completely thrilled to have Britney involved with “The Smurfs.” She is an amazing artist and her boys are Smurfs fans, so it’s a great fit for all of us.”

Watch the Music Video here:

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Britney Spears – ‘Ooh La La’ Music Video from ‘The Smurfs 2′

‘MMK’ and ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ Maintain Strength on Weekend Viewership

Kantar Media National TV Ratings (July 13-14, 2013) – “Maalaala Mo Kaya” and “The Voice of the Philippines” are the most-watched programs last weekend.

MMK The Voice

Here are the Top 20 programs and comparative TV ratings nationwide (Rural + Urban) from July 13 to 143, 2013 according to Kantar Media:

July 13, 2013 – Saturday:



Sa Kabukiran (0.8%) vs. Adyenda (1.1%) / Kapwa Ko Mahal Ko (1.5%)
Salamat Dok (2.5%) vs. Pinoy MD Mga Doktor Ng Bayan (3.4%)
Kabuhayang Swak Na Swak (3.1%) vs. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (6.5%)
Honey Watch Out (2.3%) vs. Super Book (9.5%)
Why Not? (3.3%) vs. Tamagotchi! (9.7%)
Nihao Kai-Lan (3.8%) vs. Pororo (10.3%)
The Legend of Korra (3.3%) / Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness (4.2%) vs. Toriko (10.8%)
Spongebob Squarepants (7.5%) vs. Tropang Potchi (7.0%)
Promil Pre-School I Shine Talent Camp 2 (7.1%) vs. Sarap Diva (8.4%)
Be Careful With My Heart Sabado Rewind (10.6%) vs. Maynila (9.7%)
It’s Showtime (13.1%) vs. Eat… Bulaga! (16.4%) vs. Wowowillie (Saturday) (4.0%)
Showbiz Inside Report (7.6%) / S.O.C.O. (A Scene of The Crime Operatives) (9.9%) vs. Startalk (7.9%)
Failon Ngayon (9.9%) vs. Wish Ko Lang! (7.4%)
Tv Patrol Weekend (12.3%) vs. 24 Oras Weekend (8.3%)


Kapamilya Deal or No Deal (19.4%) vs. One Day Isang Araw (12.1%)
Wansapanataym (32.4%) vs. Vampire Ang Daddy Ko (17.7%) vs. Tropang Kulit (2.5%)
MMK Ang Tahanan Mo (36.5%) vs. Magpakailanman (20.0%) vs. Hayop Sa Galing (3.2%)
The Voice of The Philippines (29.9%) vs. Celebrity Bluff (13.2%) vs. Undercover (2.0%)
Toda Max (11.4%) / Banana Split Extra Scoop (5.5%) vs. Kapuso Movie Night (9.0%) vs. Rescue 5 (1.6%) / Pilipinas News (0.8%) / Ang Latest Updated! (0.4%)
The Bottom Line With Boy Abunda (1.4%) vs. Tunay Na Buhay (3.7%)
Sports Unlimited (0.7%) vs. Walang Tulugan With Master Showman (0.9%)

July 14, 2013 – Sunday



The Healing Eucharist (5.6%) vs. In Touch (1.0%)
Kabuhayang Swak Na Swak (4.9%) vs. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (4.9%)
Salamat Dok (4.2%) vs. Super Book (9.6%) / Cinderella (8.9%) / Pororo (8.2%)
The Super Hero Squad Show (4.5%) vs. Toriko (8.3%)
Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man (5.1%) / San Miguel Purefoods Kwentong Kusina Kwentong Buhay (5.1%) vs. Aha (8.8%)
Matanglawin (8.7%) vs. Born Impact Born To Be Wild Weekend Edition (9.4%)
Arthur Villanueva Vs Arturo Badillo (12.5%) / Pinoy Pride XXI When Worlds Collide Wbo World Minimumweight (15.3%) / Merlito Sabillo Vs Jorle Estrada (18.2%) vs. Kapuso Movie Festival (14.0%)
ASAP 18 (12.7%) vs. Sunday All Stars (10.6%) / GMA Blockbusters (10.4%)
Luv U (11.3%) / The Buzz (9.3%) vs. I Bilib Featuring: Is It Possible? (8.4%) / 24 Oras Weekend (7.8%)


TV Patrol Weekend (15.2%) vs. Kap’s Amazing Stories (12.8%)
Goin’ Bulilit (20.8%) vs. Pepito Manaloto Ang Tunay Na Kuwento (20.3%) vs. Istorifik Pidol’s Kuwentong Fantastik (4.8%)
Rated K Handa Na Ba Kayo? (27.0%) / The Voice of The Philippines (31.3%)vs. Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho (21.8%) vs. Talentadong Pinoy (4.3%) / Sine Ko 5ingko Prime (Linggo) (3.7%)
Gandang Gabi Vice (19.7%) vs. Imbestigador (14.6%)
Sunday’s Best (5.5%) vs. Sunday Night Box Office (11.0%) vs. Pilipinas News (1.1%) / Misibis Bay (0.5%)

Source: Kantar Media

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‘MMK’ and ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ Maintain Strength on Weekend Viewership

Will Lea Salonga complete the team ahead of the other coaches of “The Voice of the Philippines”?

The blind auditions are halfway done and coaches Apl de Ap, Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, and Ms. Lea Salonga continue their search to complete the 12-artist slots to form their respective teams in the country’s top-rating and weekly Twitter trending singing-reality show, “The Voice of the Philippines.”


Out of the 12 members required per team, Team Apl, Team Sarah, and Team Bamboo already have six artists each, while Team Lea has five. Joining the team of international hiphop sensation Apl are Thor Dulay, Cora Dela Cruz, Lorenzana Siblings, Sir Lord Lumibao, Moira Dela Torre, and Cara Manglapus, while Junji Arias, Eva Delos Santos, Michaellen Temporada, Morisette Amon, Gab Ramos, and Hans Dimayuga join the team of Popstar Royaly Sarah.

Holding the banner of Team Bamboo or also referred to as Camp Kawayan, are Deb Victa, Lee Grane Maranan, Isa Fabregas, Angelique Alcantara, Myk Perez, and the Cordovales Father & Son while artists Taw Muhammad, Chien Berbana, Darryl Shy, Radha, and Mitoy Yonting are proud to be part of Team Lea.

Who among the next batch of artists will make the cut? Which team will complete its members first? The competition definitely heats up every weekend on “The Voice of the Philippines,” Saturdays, 9 PM, and Sundays, 8:15 PM on ABS-CBN.

Get the latest news and updates about the show and view the exclusive artists’ profiles and performance videos in “The Voice of the Philippines” official website at http://thevoice.abs-cbn.com. Like the show’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/thevoiceabscbn, follow @thevoiceabscbn on Twitter, and follow abscbnthevoice on Instagram. Tweet your thoughts about the show using the hashtag #TheVoicePH.

team-sarah-375x281 team-bamboo-375x281 team-apl-375x281
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Will Lea Salonga complete the team ahead of the other coaches of “The Voice of the Philippines”?

“The Liars” movie trailer revealed!

The Liars  is under the Directors Showcase in this year’s Cinemalaya Film Festival. Cinemalaya will be held on July 26 to August 4, 2013 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Greenbelt 3, and Trinoma.


Directed by Gil Portes

Written by Senedy Que

Cast: Alessandra de Rossi, Arnold Reyes, Sue Prado, Cris Villanueva, Benjie Felipe, John Michael

The Liars is the story of a journalist (played by Alessandra de Rossi) whose expose of the truth results in life-changing consequences to a baseball team of poor boys from Smokey Mountain.

Watch the trailer below:


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“The Liars” movie trailer revealed!