From spin doctor to Dr Who: BBC names new Time Lord

By Peter Griffiths

LONDON (Reuters) – A British actor best known for playing a foul-mouthed political spin doctor was named on Sunday as the new lead in the BBC’s “Doctor Who”, the long-running science fiction series that has terrified generations of children.

Ending months of speculation, Britain’s public broadcaster said Peter Capaldi, 55, will be the 12th Doctor, a time travelling adventurer who first appeared on screens in 1963.

Racing through time and space in a blue police telephone box, the Time Lord has battled foes such as the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels and the Daleks. Episodes in the last series drew record audiences for BBC America in 2012.

Capaldi, born in Glasgow, Scotland, said he was thrilled to take on the position previously held by 30-year-old Matt Smith.

Capaldi’s most famous role to date was that of Malcolm Tucker, the prime minister’s aggressive media chief and policy enforcer in “The Thick of It”, a BBC political comedy which also had a big screen incarnation in the 2009 movie “In the Loop”.

“Malcolm has been banished from the mirror by this new doctor who would certainly not put up with Malcolm’s language or attitudes to the world,” Capaldi said at the end of a live show announcing the name of the new Doctor that was shown on BBC channels around the world.

The actor had been the bookmakers’ favorite to take on a role that has long been a fixture of British popular culture. He joked that it was a relief that the secret was finally out.

“For a while I couldn’t tell my daughter, who would be looking on the Internet and discovering that people were saying so-and-so should be Doctor Who. She was getting rather upset that they never mentioned me,” he said.

The BBC said Capaldi’s debut as the Doctor will be broadcast on Christmas Day.

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From spin doctor to Dr Who: BBC names new Time Lord

Vaness Wu and Arissa Cheu: Love is lovelier the second time around!

Vanness Wu, former member of F4, a Taiwanese boy band, and is currently a singer and actor has rekindled his relationship with Arissa Cheo!

arissa-cheo (1)

Wu and Cheo weredating 4 years ago in 2006 but broke up because they could not sustain the long-distance relationship when Arissa moved to the USA to further her studies.

Cheo is a Singaporean of Indonesian-Chinese parentage who is a heiress of a very rich Indonesian family.

The two were recently seen dating in Hongkong thus Wu’s manager, Katie, confirmed media speculations that the pair have rekindled their love.

How sweet!

Vaness Wu and Arissa Cheu: Love is lovelier the second time around!

“Sunday All Stars” replaces “Party Pilipinas” debuts in two weeks time!

Party Pilipinas ended with high ratings in Mega Manila as it bids farewell to its viewers!


Two weeks from now a new Sunday noontime show titled Sunday All Stars will premiere. It will be another variety show with a twist since they will add a game show to it.

Half of the cast of Party Pilipinas will still be part of the new show.

Are you excited to see the new show?



“Sunday All Stars” replaces “Party Pilipinas” debuts in two weeks time!

Angelina Jolie is on the cover of TIME!

Angelina Jolie is on the cover of the latest issue of Time Magazine, all due to her preventative double mastectomy!


The cover photo was taken before her surgery in February.

“[When] a woman known for her powerfully iconic beauty announced that she had undergone an elective double mastectomy to reduce her genetically high risk of breast cancer, it was a cultural and medical earthquake — a revelation so arresting it became the subject of TIME’s newest cover story,” wrote Time’s Jeffrey Kluger.

Jolie revealed in a New York Times op-ed Tuesday that she had a preventative double mastectomy after discovering she had a mutated BRCA1 gene known to raise risks of breast and ovarian cancers. Jolie has been widely praised for the decision and for sharing the news publicly.


Angelina Jolie is on the cover of TIME!