Cristine speaks up about Rayver’s new rumored romance

Actress Cristine Reyes at the sidelines of the press conference of “Trophy WIfe”

MANILA – Actress Cristine Reyes said she has asked her former boyfriend, Rayver Cruz, about his rumored girlfriend.

This after it was rumored that Cruz is dating Binibining Pilipinas 2013 semi-finalist Imee Schweighart. Photos of them appearing sweet to each other recently went viral online.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, Reyes said Cruz did not confirm or deny the rumor.

“Nabalitaan ko nga iyon. Hindi naman niya nakukuwento sa akin. Kapag tinatanong ko naman siya, hindi niya nakukuwento,” she said.

The actress then asked the public to respect the private life of her former boyfriend.

“Para sa akin, kung gusto niya ng pribado, siyempre hindi na ako para mag-usisa. Hayaan na lang natin sila,” she said.

Dating Dennis again?

Meanwhile, Reyes denied that she and actor Dennis Trillo are back in each other’s arms.

“Talagang ganun lang ang bond namin ng family niya and kami ni Dennis. Ganun namin tine-treasure ‘yung naging relasyon namin na naging mahirap pakawalan. Nakakasama ko ‘yung family niya, ‘yung sisters niya. Si Dennis hindi, pero nakakausap ko rin siya minsan,” she explained.

Asked if she is still open to reconciling with Trillo, the actress said: “Bata pa po ako so ayaw ko magsalita nang tapos. Hindi naman natin masasabi eh. Ayaw ko rin mag-close ng door. Si Dennis, special siya sa akin, at mananatili siyang special sa akin.”

“Ako kasi lahat ng tao na dumating sa buhay ko lalo na kapag na-touch yung heart ko, hindi siya madaling kalimutan. Marunong naman ako tumanaw ng mga pinagsamahan,” she added.

However, the actress said she currently has no time for love.

“Sobrang busy. Right now may shooting ako with Gabby Concepcion,’ yung ‘When the Love is Gone’ and another movie with Anne (Curtis) and Sam (Milby) na ‘Gifted’ and this film with Derek (Ramsay), Heart (Evangelista) and John Estrada, and teleserye with Gerald (Anderson) and another film with direk Wenn (Deramas),” she said.

Due to her hectic schedule, Reyes said she now considers her work and the gym her “boyfriends.”

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Cristine speaks up about Rayver’s new rumored romance

Act Out and Aim High

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If Confused Singer’s drumbeaters and handlers DH are to be believed, CS has no gender problems as some people would like to believe. DH insists that CS is 100% woman, girl, mujer – bar none.

But how true are reports going around that CS is allegedly gay? Not a few articles online say she is indeed one. The NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) CS might be very expressive of her many showbiz crushes, especially of the ones she got paired with in her movies and teleserye – but except for one or two, those showbiz crushes of hers are not really taking her seriously.

The cynics will always have something to say. They contend that CS boyish movements alone are already leading. And her presumed crushes are all reportedly only for publicity to downplay the real issue. Yet, it shows that the public in unconvinced. There was in fact a report saying that she was allegedly frequenting a place somewhere up north to visit a “girl friend.” It was also something that bothered her handlers since the frequent visits to the north was affecting her schedules a lot.

That is why even reports of her many crushes and alleged holding hands with an attractive popular singer did not prosper because what sticks like glue in the public mind is her real sexual preference.

But those privy to her say that CS press releases regarding her fondness for the actors stars mentioned are all but gimmicks to play safe, very much like a career move to keep it from affecting her status in the biz, especially her coming up musical milestone. In a sense, CS and DH are quite careful not to jeopardize the network’s plans for her.

All told, unbelievers will have a lot of waiting to do – as no honest confession ala Charice is likely to happen anytime soon.

“Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words”~ Caddy, Eileen

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Act Out and Aim High

Looking for Mr. Right

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Two very visible celebrities might be the next couple to watch out for – or maybe not. Stylish Girl SG is allegedly often seen at the dressing room of a weekly show and dressing up Dancing Hunk What makes it odd? Two reasons: While DH is allegedly single, SG is reportedly on a committed relationship. SG’s styling and dressing DH is reportedly on a pro bono basis, meaning she is not doing it on PR.

Her presence in most of DH’s shows and gigs kind of baffles some people around because of her and DH’s respective status and age gap, if you get the drift. DH maybe single, but he is reportedly seeing someone. Photos of them together are on the social networking sites.

On the part of SG, observers are quite bewildered why she seems not to have a really lasting and serious relationship. Most girls even envy her that despite not being so pretty, she had dated quite a number of the most eligible bachelors in town. Her friends come to her defense against her bashers saying that with all the dirt thrown at her, SG is a charming and loyal friend.

But her bashers just won’t stop especially when SG unabashedly flirted online with a Hot Media guy HM. At that time, SG was really bent on pursuing HM, but he politely turned her down and her advances – something that her bashers did not let pass and gloatingly threw unprintables at her.

Deliberate or not, SG seems to invite critics to herself. While others say she thrives on it remains to be proven. At any rate, she knows and believes she has what it takes to make it – and she is definitely walking her talk.

On the other hand, if DH won’t watch out, he might be dragging himself into SG’s net – something his new girl won’t be happy about. On the other hand, only DH can control girls like SG to stop ululating over him.

“A boy spends his time looking for different girls to sleep with, but a man spends his time looking for that special one worth waking up to.“

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Looking for Mr. Right

Poll: Team Claudine Barretto vs Team Raymart Santiago


Saying she has had enough of “all kinds of stress” due to “a series of events” she has been dealing with since 2005, actress Claudine Barretto asked the court, on Monday, to order her husband, actor Raymart Santiago, to stay away from her and their children.

Barretto, who according to her lawyer Ferdinand Topacio was weeping all throughout the proceeding, specifically asked the Marikina Regional Trial Court to issue a temporary protection order (TPO) that would prevent her estranged husband from getting within 300 meters of her and their household.

Barretto refused to talk to reporters as Topacio explained that the petition would allow a judge to issue a TPO immediately while scheduling hearings to determine whether a permanent protection order should be granted.

“The important component of the relief is that we are pleading [with] the court to tell Raymart to stay away from my client, their household and their kids… within a certain radius of 300 meters,” he said.

“Our petition also asks Raymart to stop communicating with the kids as they try to settle their differences,” he added.

Barretto’s case was later raffled off to the Marikina RTC Branch 192, a family court presided over by Judge Geraldine Macaraig. The court refrained from releasing further details, citing the confidentiality given to such sensitive cases.

For his part, Topacio said the actress had been thinking of filing the petition for some time although she made up her mind only last weekend.

“This was precipitated by a series of events which I am not at liberty to discuss. She has been enduring acts since 2005 even as she wanted to make their marriage work,” the lawyer added.

When asked for more details, Topacio said the actress was subjected to “all kinds of stress—physical, emotional, psychological, even economic stress.”

He also said that although the case had been filed, Barretto still had mixed feelings about the whole thing.

“She decided just over the weekend and even then, she was ambivalent [about] the matter. Even after the filing, she was still crying. We were coaxing her to eat something because she hasn’t eaten anything since last night,” he added.

Topacio said that Barretto had held back against filing the case because she knew it would be her last resort as it would not help repair their marriage.

“She felt she had no other recourse. She realizes, as she confided to me, that this is the point where there is no more turning back and that this is the beginning of the end of the marriage,” he noted.

However, he could not say if her action would lead to an annulment case. “We’re taking this one step at a time. Anyway, our allegations in the petition do not involve the validity of marriage. It’s more of the stress factor which escalates the conflict between husband and wife.”

Topacio also revealed that Barretto had sought the services of a clinical psychologist to give her counseling to help her cope with what she has been going through.

Only recently, the actress revealed in media interviews that Santiago had not been living with her and their children for at least a month.

More than a year ago, the couple presented a united front when they faced off with Philippine Daily Inquirer columnist Ramon Tulfo in court following a brawl at the airport, which led to the filing of cases and countercharges between both parties.

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Poll: Team Claudine Barretto vs Team Raymart Santiago

A very slim Christina Aguilera at NBC Press Event (Photo)!

A very slim Christina Aguilera at NBC Press Event (Photo)!


Singer, Christina Aguilera showed off her slimmer figure at a recent NBC press event in Beverly Hills. The Voice judge proved that diet and exercise can make all the difference.

A source said that the singer had the drive and the desire to get back in shape. The singer reportedly watched what she ate and regularly hit the gym.

“It’s more of a mind-body thing for her. She believes in exercise that she enjoys, doing strength work as opposed to intense cardio.”

Another source says that she is devoted to living a much healthier lifestyle. This has reportedly helped her shed those unwanted pounds.

“[She’s] making herself a priority, trying new exercises and trying things she loves and enjoys rather than stuff to just lose weight. This is really from the inside out”

In the press event the singer also revealed why she decided to take a short break from The Voice. Aguilera explained during the Television Critics Association press tour that she simply cannot live in front of the cameras all the time.

“I have to take breaks and stay connected with myself. I think it’s important so that I can then be [my] best on camera and find [my] own happiness with it.”

“I’m a mom and [when] the cameras go off, I go home, I put on sweats and a T-shirt. The red lips come off. I check out and I’m mom and I needed some time, I needed some time to do that.”

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A very slim Christina Aguilera at NBC Press Event (Photo)!

Top 10 Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood revealed, Angelina Jolie tops the list!

According to Forbes Magazine  Angelina Jolie, who will next be seen on the big screen in the film “Maleficent,” is Hollywood’s highest paid actress with estimated earnings of $ 33 million in the last year.

angie jolie

She easily surpassed this year’s Best Actress Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, who came in second with $ 26 million, and pushed Kristen Stewart of the “Twilight” series, who topped the list last year, into third place with earnings of $ 22 million.

Below are the Top 10 Highest Paid Actresses in Hollywood:

  1. Angelina Jolie -$ 33M
  2. Jennifer Lawrence – $ 26M
  3. Kristen Stewart – $ 22M
  4. Jennifer Aniston – $ 20M
  5. Emma Stone – $ 16M
  6. Charlize Theron – $ 15M
  7. Sandra Bullock – $ 14M
  8. Natalie Portman – $ 14M
  9. Mila Kunis – $ 11M
  10. Julia Roberts – $ 11M


Forbes talked to agents, managers and other people with knowledge of the film industry to compile the ranking based on estimated earnings from June 2012 to June 2013.


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Top 10 Highest Paid Actress in Hollywood revealed, Angelina Jolie tops the list!

Thrill-Packed Blockbuster ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Bursts Onto Blu-ray™ and DVD

Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum and Bruce Willis star in the explosive global hit “G.I. Joe Retaliation.” Fans can be the first to wwn the action extravaganza on Blu-Ray and DVD plus win cool prizes!


Called “a stunning, high-flying, super-charged blast of fun” (Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV), the $ 355+ million worldwide blockbuster G.I. JOE: RETALIATION explodes onto Blu-ray (PhP1700), Blu-ray 3D (PhP2300), and DVD (PhP799) this month from Paramount Home Media Distribution. “Born to play a G.I. JOE” (Scott Bowles, USA Today), Dwayne Johnson embodies ROADBLOCK and he and Channing Tatum “are a match made in action flick heaven” (James Oster, in this “cool ride” (Richard Corliss, Time) that is “awesome times 10!” (Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV). From Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, G.I. JOE: RETALIATION also stars action legend Bruce Willis as the original G.I. JOE, as well as Adrianne Palicki, D.J. Cotrona and Jonathan Pryce. In director Jon M. Chu’s heart-pounding thrill ride, the G.I. JOE team not only faces off against its mortal enemy COBRA, it is also forced to contend with threats from within the government that jeopardize its very existence.


Customers who will pre-book the Blu-ray or DVD will receive a free Global Gutz All Day Pass (Paintball challenge). Meanwhile, everyone who will purchase the Blu-ray, DVD or VCD will get a chance to win any of the following prizes: ten (10) winners of a Gold’s Gym 3- month membership gift certificate, one (1) winner of an Armor Series and one (1) winner of Defender Series from OtterBox, and three (3) winners of a Corregidor Day Tour (includes Cruise and Buffet Lunch) and one (1) winner of an Overnight Stay for 2 at Corregidor, Bataan (includes Cruise and Buffet Lunch) from Sun Cruises Philippines.

GIJoe promo poster

G.I. JOE: RETALIATION is now available in video stores nationwide.




GI Joe BluRay

“…the coolest and most action-packed movie of the year!”
—Shawn Edwards, FOX-TV

Watch the trailer of “G.I. Joe Retaliation” here:

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Thrill-Packed Blockbuster ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Bursts Onto Blu-ray™ and DVD